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Samantha Bee is Going Viral for her Rant About Doctors Who Don't Understand Endometriosis

Samantha Bee is Going Viral for her Rant About Doctors Who Don't Understand Endometriosis

Samantha Bee took a jab at birth control as doctor's go-to remedy for all that ails women and gave an incredibly raw and real look at endometriosis in the March 21 segment “All You Get Is Birth Control” on her TBS show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

The segment has since gone viral.

“If a cis woman is having a problem between her belly and her knees, birth control is often the only non-surgical treatment option she has,” Bee, 48, said in the segment. “And for conditions like endometriosis, that really sucks. Actually, everything about endometriosis really sucks. Aside from the intense pain, it also causes a host of other problems including infertility and chronic fatigue. It also increases your risk of a heart attack by 52 percent."

Bee continued her rant by pointing out that a condition that can increase a woman's chances of a heart disease would at least be well understood by professionals, but many doctors continue to have no clue about what endo is or how it’s really affecting women. 

When reviewing an interview clip with a doctor who was unable to describe how endometrial cells normally inside the uterus occur outside the uterus, Bee jokingly compared it to finding all of your furniture on your front lawn and the police nonchalantly saying, ‘That’s life. Wanna take the pill?’ One in 10 women suffer from endometriosis and it’s just one of the many painful debilitating lady diseases that gets treated with birth control and a shrug.” 

Bee then went on to liken endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) to one’s body reenacting the horror movie Saw each month. 

She also shared astonishing statistics on how 10 percent of women have endometriosis and the disease only receives $10 million of funding per year while 10 percent of people have diabetes and that illness receives $1 billion of funding annually. “To be fair, people have a better grasp on diabetes thanks to movies like Steel Magnolias and babysitters like Stacey [from the ‘80s tween book series The Baby-Sitters Club. In the meantime, all you get is birth control. So if you have these diseases and want to get pregnant, you are out of luck. In the meantime, there are dozens of medications to help men” perform sexually.

You can watch the full clip here: (Viewer discretion advised due to strong language) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2FS0s95o_Q