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EndoFound Staff

Jeanne Rebillard, Director of Communications & Government Relations

Jeanne RebillardJeanne Rebillard joined EndoFound in 2013 as a public relations consultant and as special projects advisor. She has over 25 years of providing strategic marketing, media relations, government relations, and partnership building to non-profits, private companies, and healthcare professionals. Ms. Rebillard has led efforts to advocate for legislative change, including the recent 2019 New York State bill to bring endometriosis awareness to schools and medical professionals. She has formed and driven coalitions, a critical component of community resilience, to enact change in perception and support for issues including opioid addiction.
Ms. Rebillard graduated with honors from Marist College, receiving a B.A. in Communications & Public Relations.

Sarper Kocabiyik, Director of Technology

Sarper KocabiyikSarper is a senior software engineer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of coding and business management experience. In 2001, he founded and managed his first online technology consulting company, Domino Media Inc., serving major brands such as Pepsi, Kia, Sony Music, and SoBe Energy Drinks. Sarper has been an integral part of several successful startups, notably CTO of StyleCaster.com (sold to Quicken) and as a senior software developer for Statdash.com and MyPublisher.com. He was previously head of software development for Shutterfly.com.

Bahar Yuksel, MD, EndoFound Fellow

Bahar Yuksel Ozgor,MD Dr. Yuksel is an EndoFound Fellow for 2019-2020. Her responsibilities include advanced endometriosis surgeries and training in complex surgical techniques used in endoscopic surgeries. This includes colorectal operative procedures, urogenital complex dissections, aimed topographic peritoneal excisions, and other extra pelvic involvements.

Besides surgeries, Dr. Yuksel participates in an outpatient clinic where her training program emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to endometriosis patient care. It includes managing multiple previous surgeries, hormonal therapy resistance, and ideal examination methods in a stepwise manner.

As a research scientist, Dr. Yuksel is dedicated to both demographical and basic science research studies. Besides creating a surgical database, as a team member of EndoFound she cooperates with the Columbia University Physics Department, Johns Hopkins University Pathology Department, and Northwell University Feinstein Institute Research Center, and aims to find innovative diagnostic tools and new therapeutic approaches for endometriosis.

 Deniz Kocas, MPharm MSc MA, Research & Policy Advisor

Deniz KocasDeniz is Research & Policy Advisor at EndoFound and a Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology at The New School. She has a background in pharmacy and health policy, and has worked within the National Health Service in England and the pharmaceutical sector in Belgium and Turkey.


Nina Baker, MPH, Education, and Outreach Coordinator

Nina BakerAfter receiving her bachelor's degree in anthropology from Bucknell University, Nina pursued her post-baccalaureate pre-health coursework at NYU. This combination led Nina to her passion for global health, health education and health promotion. As a result, she received her Masters in Public Health at NYU with a concentration in Community and International Health. Previously, she has worked in clinical research for Lymphoma at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in addition to global health efforts in Nicaragua, South Africa, and Israel.

Kimberly Tronolone, MS, Development Coordinator

Kimberly Tronolone, Program AssociateAfter completing her bachelor's degree in neuroscience and women's studies from Hampshire College, Kimberly worked with a small start-up website which served to educate individuals about sexual health and promote body positivity. She has taught various sexual education workshops to teens and young adults and has worked as both a volunteer and a direct-outreach fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. She received her Masters in Nonprofit Management along with a Masters Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies from The New School.

Chanel Schroff, Special Projects Associate

Chanel Schroff, Special Projects AssociateChanel completed her BA in English Literature from University of California, Berkeley. She is Special Projects Associate at EndoFound, where she supports projects related to research, awareness, and fundraising.


Rachel Grobman, Social Media Coordinator

Rachel GrobmanRachel completed her bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications from Ithaca College. She subsequently worked with multiple companies to help launch successful social media platforms. Rachel is also a passionate philanthropist and continues to do extensive volunteer work for several charity organizations.