Dear esteemed friends and colleagues,

We are excited to invite you to witness a new era for endometriosis; both in fundamental science and in surgical technique. On behalf of the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound), please join us at the Tenth Annual Medical Conference on March 8th to the 10th in NYC. This exciting international symposium will explore the critical topic "Targeting Inflammation: From Biomarkers to Precision Surgery." Inflammation is the flame igniting a cascade of symptoms and pathologies that lessen quality of life, cause repeat surgeries, and devastate with infertility. We are thrilled to convene in New York City for another landmark meeting exploring this original topic.

This international symposium will cover primary peritoneal endometriosis as it advances to its end stage in extreme cases of diaphragm, bowel, and kidney disease. Particular emphasis will be placed on neuroanatomy and endometriosis causing neuropathies. A live surgery will be broadcasted from Italy.

We are proud to inform you that for the first time in our history we will surpass 1 million dollars in research grants for endometriosis. Our 2019 Request for Proposals are now open until March 7, 2019. It is through your continued support and generosity that we can sponsor events such as these, fund exciting new research and collaborate on new surgical techniques.

We thank you and look forward to our time together in the vibrant metropolis of Manhattan.


Tamer seckin

Tamer Seckin, MD, FACOG

Founder, Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound)

Program Highlights

Special Guest Faculty

  • The Past and the Future of Endometriosis Surgery
  • Evolution of Pelvic Neurosurgery in Endometriosis
  • Inflammation and Environmental Immunotoxicants
  • Tissue Engineering of the Endometrium
  • Tissue Stem Cells: Steps Toward Regenerating the Uterus
  • Historical Debate of the Origin of Endometriosis: Sampson vs. Mulleriosis
  • Personalized Medicine and Opportunities for Targeted Therapy
  • It was Lupron™, now Orilissa™; Where do we stand?
  • Distant Stage Case Presentations from Diaphragm to Neuropathies
  • Live Surgery from Italy: Endometriosis Bowel Surgery


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