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Patient Awareness Day 2018:
Living Your Best Life With Endo

On Sunday, March 18, 2018, women with endometriosis from the tri-state area gathered at NYC's Einhorn Auditorium inside Lenox Hill Hospital for our Patient Awareness Day 2018: Living Your Best Life with Endo. The day centered around three themes. "Exploring Hidden Pain," looked at mental and sexual health, as well as the biases that keep endo invisible to the public. The second session, "Management of Endometriosis Symptoms" covered everything from diet and exercise to pelvic floor therapy and acupuncture. And last but not least, "What's Next For Endo: Medically and Beyond" explored new research studies and diagnostic tests on the horizon. 
Abby Norman signed copies of her new memoir, Ask Me About My Uterus, and staff presented an ENPOWR Award to our volunteer educator, Stephanie Satchell Morris. We also had a handful of groups educate our attendees including My Endometriosis Team, Celmatix, and Flutter, to the research studies Citizen Endo and The Rose Study, as well as medical tech company Lumenis. The day brimmed with hope as women met one another, asked questions, and took home useful resources.
Check out our photo gallery and lecture videos below! 

Patient Day 2018 PROGRAM

Patient Day 2018 program
Design Credit: Nina Q. Allen

Patient Awareness Day 2018: 
Living Your Best Life With Endo

Sunday, March 18, 2018, (8am-5pm) Einhorn Auditorium (131 E76th st)  at Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC






Patient Day 2018



Sandra Gelbard, M.D. & Karli Goldstein, D.O.

8:00am - 8:30am Registration and Breakfast  
8:30am -8:45am Where are we now with endometriosis? Tamer Seckin, M.D.
SESSION I:  Exploring Hidden Pain
8:50am - 9:05am A “Hystery” of Endometriosis through Review of Historical Medical Literature Abby Norman
9:10am - 9:25am Endometriosis through a Biopsychosocial Lens Seth Berger, M.D./M.B.A
9:30am - 9:45am Panic and Endometrial Pain Syndrome Arnold Wilson, Ph.D.
9:50am - 10:05am Endometriosis and Sexual Functioning Carli Blau, LMSW, MEd., MA., Ph.D. Candidate
10:10am - 10:25am How Clinical Gender Bias Prevents Diagnosis and Treatment - and What You Can Do About It Meghan Cleary

10:30am - 10:55am


Why and how can ACOG help? From a Historical Perspective to the Future Harry Reich, M.D.
11:00am - 11:10am Session I Discussion  
The ENPOWR Award 2018
11:15am - 11:30am How do adolescent girls and boys perceive symptoms suggestive of endometriosis among their peers? Findings from focus group discussions in New York City Courtney Harris
11:35am - 11:45am ENPOWR Volunteer Award Presentation

Nina G. Baker, MPH

Award Recipient: Stephanie Satchell Morris

SESSION II: Management of Endometriosis Symptoms
11:50am - 12:05pm Eating for Endo Jessica Murnane
12:10pm - 12:40pm


Abby Norman’s Ask Me About My Uterus Book Signing

12:45pm - 1:00pm Fertility workup and preservation in patients struggling with endometriosis Tomer Singer, M.D.
1:05pm - 1:20pm Enhancing Fertility with Chinese Medicine in Women with Endometriosis Mary Sabo, L.Ac, DACM
1:25pm - 1:40pm Uncovering the Black Box of Pelvic Pain: Understanding the Role of the Pelvic Floor Allyson Shrikhande, M.D.
1:45pm - 2:00pm What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: Self-Help Tips and A Guide to Finding an Experienced PT Amy Stein, DPT, BCB-PMD
2:05pm - 2:20pm Spinal Interventions for Pelvic Pain Gerard DeGregoris, M.D.
2:25pm - 2:40pm Endo Warrior One: Finding your inner warrior through yoga to battle endometriosis Brandilee Coon
2:45pm - 2:55pm Break  
3:00pm - 3:10pm Session II Discussion  
SESSION III: What’s Next for Endo: Medically and Beyond  
3:15pm - 3:30pm DotLab: The first non-invasive test for aiding in the diagnosis of endometriosis Juliana Ansari, Ph.D.
3:35pm - 3:50pm The Citizen Endo Project: Phendo Update Noemie Elhadad, Ph.D.
3:55pm - 4:10pm Approaches to diagnosing, curing, and preventing endometriosis in the post-genomic era Piraye Beim, Ph.D.
4:15pm - 4:25pm Session III Discussion  
4:30pm - 4:45pm Closing Remarks Karli Goldstein, D.O.

*Subject to change


Piraye Beim, PhD
Founder and CEO, Celmatix
EndoFound Board Member

Carli Blau, LMSW, MEd, MA, PhD Candidate
Licensed Sex and Relationship Therapist

Meghan Cleary
Writer, Speaker, Advocate, and Founder of Bad Periods

Brandilee Coon
Certified Yoga Teacher

Gerard DeGregoris, MD
Director of Education and Research, Manhattan Spine and Pain Medicine, NY

Noémie Elhadad, PhD
Chair, Columbia University Biomedical Informatics

Courtney Harris
George Mason University's Department of Global and Community Health

Stephanie Satchell Morris
ENPOWR Award Recipient

Jessica Murnane
Author Know Your Endo and One Part Plant Cookbook; Founder of Know Your Endo

Abby Norman
Science writer and author of ASK ME ABOUT MY UTERUS

Harry Reich, MD
Honorary Medical Director Emeritus and Senior Medical Advisor to EndoFound

Mary Sabo, L.Ac, DACM
Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Tamer Seckin, MD
Attending physician Lenox Hill Hospital, Founder and President of Endometriosis Foundation of America

Allyson Shrikhande, MD
Medical Director, Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine & Volunteer Faculty,
Lenox Hill Hospital, NY, Chair,
Medical Education Committee, International Pelvic Pain Society

Tomer Singer, MD, MBA
Medical Director, Shady Grove Fertility New York

Amy Stein, DPT, BCB-PMD
Founder, Beyond Basics Physical Therapy

Arnold Wilson, Ph.D.
Lecturer of Psychiatry, Columbia University School of Medicine, NY,
Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research