Our mission is to increase endometriosis awareness, fund landmark research, provide advocacy and support for patients, and educate the public and medical community.
Founders: Padma Lakshmi, Tamer Seckin, MD
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EndoFound’s mission is to fund research to develop new diagnostic tools and treatments, and ultimately find a cure for endometriosis.
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Endometriosis Foundation of America:
Our Commitment to Research

EndoFound is committed to advancing endometriosis research


EndoFound’s mission is to fund research to develop new diagnostic tools and treatments, and ultimately find a cure for endometriosis. This is why we established our Research Grants program. Thanks to our donors’ generous support, we have provided over $1 million in funding. Donate today to help advance our mission.

Our mission is urgent due to the lack of funding from the federal government. In 2019, only $13 million was allocated to endometriosis research despite 1 in 10 women having the disease. This funding equates to less than $1 per year for each diagnosed patient. 

EndoFound grants provide researchers with seed funding to initiate promising projects which then have an exponential effect. Our funds to a study at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine led to the development of a further project which received a $3.5 million NIH grant. EndoFound grants are also critical to supporting young researchers, who continue on to find solutions for patients for years to come. 

Grant recipients have the opportunity to attend EndoFound’s annual medical conference to present their findings. This creates a fruitful networking environment, where researchers meet and form new collaborations. We strive to create a community of researchers who learn from each other and work together to find answers to complex questions about endometriosis. 

EndoFound believes in investigating a wide range of topics, from the social impact of endometriosis to the cellular and molecular make-up of the disease. This holistic approach is the best way that the healthcare community and patients can better understand the disease, improve care, and alleviate the impact of endometriosis. Click here to learn more about the projects we’ve funded.

Our efforts go beyond our Research Grants Program. Our endometriosis news portal, EndoNews, disseminates recent scientific knowledge to patients and physicians. Subscribe to EndoNews to learn about the latest developments in endometriosis. We also spread information to eligible patients and their supporters about potential studies they can join. 

To help further our efforts, please donate to endometriosis research today.  We thank you for your support. 


Endofound is a charitable entity and is not committed to matching the indirect cost rates of the U.S. government or other entities.  We believe our policy to allow no more than 10% of any Endofound research grant funding to go towards indirect costs is consistent with that of many private foundations and certain government entities that have a flat rate that caps the amount an applicant institution can charge. Endofound's policy helps ensure furtherance of our charitable purpose.