Early detection and diagnosis
is the best prevention
for endometriosis

EFA’s Sixth Annual Medical Conference:
Ending Endometriosis Starts at the Beginning

Medical Conference 2015

Medical Conference 2015, Endometriosis Foundation of America, DrSeckin, Tamer Seckin MD




The Medical Conference and Awareness Day will both be held at the Lenox Hill Hospital Einhorn Auditorium
131 E 76th Street New York, NY 10021 -- 76th Street between Lex & Park NYC

SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 2015 - Lenox Hill

Endometriosis Awareness Day: A day for women with endometriosis, their loved ones, nurses, and educators

Updates on coping, research progress, and the opportunity to speak with the experts.

CHAIRS: Lone Hummelshoj | Heather Guidone | Deborah Bush | Theresa Davidson

Timing Session title Speakers
09:00am – 09:30am Registration and refreshments  
09:30am – 09.35am Welcome Tamer Seckin
09:35am – 11:00am Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am over it, what can I do?
An interactive session to:
  • understand what happens when you are ill all the time
  • strategise for living well with endometriosis
  • learn about self management
Deborah Bush
11:00am – 11:15am Break  
11:15am – 11:45pm Is anyone doing anything about endometriosis?
An update on global research into the disease
Stacey Missmer
11:45am - 12:15pm Back to the roots?
Botanicals as natural therapeutics for endometriosis
Robert Taylor
12:15pm – 1:00pm The ENPOWR Project Jennifer Hancher
The ENPOWR Award Padma Lakshmi, Tamer Seckin, Theresa Davidson, Young Women's Leadership Network, Senator Jeffrey Klein
1:00pm - 1:45pm LUNCH  

1:45pm – 2:45pm

Support strategies for young women with endometriosis Deborah Bush Stacey Missmer
Endometriosis, peri-menopause, and beyond Sarah Berga
Endometriosis and infertility Enda McVeigh Casey Berna
Relationships, sex, and endometriosis Heather Guidone Lone Hummelshoj
2:50pm- 3:50pm

Ask the endometriosis specialists

Your opportunity to ask those burning questions and to get real life answers from a global panel of experts in endometriosis
Harry Reich, Tamer Seckin, Robert Taylor, Sarah Berga, Juan Salgado, Andrew Cook, Ken Sinervo, Enda McVeigh, Stacey Missmer
3:45pm – 4:00pm Take home messages and close Lone Hummelshoj


SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2015 - Lenox Hill

Clinical, surgical, and scientific aspects of endometriosis
Scientific program chairs:  Harry Reich | Lone Hummelshoj | Tamer Seckin

Over one and half days in New York City, the Endometriosis Foundation of America is proud to present an international faculty that will address leading edge clinical, surgical, and scientific conundrums in endometriosis:

Timing Session title Speakers
07:30am - 08:30am Registration and continental breakfast --
08:30am - 09:00am Welcome
Background and successes of the EFA
Dennis Connors, MBA
Tamer Seckin, MD
CHAIRS: Robert Taylor | Lone Hummelshoj
09:00am - 09:15am The black hole: what we don’t see in endometriosis Tamer Seckin, MD
09:15am - 10:00am KEYNOTE
Mullerianosis: embryonic endometriosis, adenomyosis, endosalpingiosis, and endocervicosis
Ronald Batt, MD, PhD
10:00am - 10:15am DISCUSSION --
10:15am - 10:30am Break and poster viewing --
10:35am - 11:20am KEYNOTE  
The tale of the weeping ovary
Stephan Gordts, MD, PhD
11:20am - 11:30am DISCUSSION --
CHAIRS: Stacey Missmer | Hayama Brill
11:30am - 11:45am Visual diagnosis of endometriosis using fluorescence Imaging + ICG Dye (Firefly) Aileen Caceres, MD
11:45am - 12.00pm What happened to pelvic MRI to detect DIE pre-op? A comparison between the expert versus the general radiologist Kathy Huang, MD
12:00pm - 12:15pm New data on peritoneal resection and fertility Grace Janik, MD
12:15pm - 12:30pm ENPOWR Project update Theresa Davidson, MEd, MPH
CHAIR: Karlene ChinQuee
12:30pm - 1:30pm LUNCH
The patients’ role in medical decision making
Deborah Bush
SHOWCASING EXCISION SURGERY (video presentations; ten minutes each + five minutes for discussion)
CHAIRS: Harry Reich | Elizabeth Kavaler
1:30pm - 1:45 pm Ureter CY Liu, MD
1:45pm - 2.00pm Bladder Andrew Cook, MD
2:00pm - 2:15pm Endometrioma Adel Shervin, MD
2:15pm - 2:30pm Bowel Ken Sinervo, MD
2:30pm - 2:45pm Clinical diagnosis of endometriosis in adolescents using the robot John Dulemba, MD
2:45pm - 3:00pm Past, present, and future of robotic surgery for endometriosis and hysterectomy Vladimir Nikifarouk, MD
3:00pm - 3:15pm DISCUSSION --
3:15pm - 3:30pm Break and poster viewing --
CHAIRS: CY Liu | Sarah Berga
3:30pm - 3:50pm Have robotics replaced traditional laparoscopy in the surgical treatment of endometriosis? Michael Nimaroff, MD
3:50pm - 4:05pm The sins of the fathers are visited on the sons: should hysterectomies be pre-certed other than vaginal? Ray Wertheim, MD
4:05pm - 4:20pm Moving from “it is all in your head” to early surgical intervention Melanie Marin, MD
4:20pm - 4:35pm Should endometriosis surgery have its own credentialing? Harry Reich, MD
4:35pm - 4:45pm Close and take home messages Harry Reich, MD


MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015 Lenox Hill

Clinical, surgical, and scientific aspects of endometriosis
Scientific program chairs:  Harry Reich | Lone Hummelshoj | Tamer Seckin

Timing Session title Speakers
07:30am - 08:30am Registration and continental breakfast --
CHAIRS: Stacey Rosen | Adam Romoff
08:30am - 08:35am Welcome Stacey Rosen, MD
08:35am - 08:55am Pain mechanisms in endometriosis: understanding the neurobiology of chronic pain to enhance patient care Sawsan (Suzie) As-Sanie, MD
08:55am - 09:40am KEYNOTE
In the beginning: identification and treatment of nascent endometriosis
Robert Taylor, MD, PhD
09:40am - 10:05am The key window for diagnosing endometriosis to commence early intervention Stacey Missmer, MD
10:05am - 10:20am Break --
CHAIRS: Christine Metz | Milton Haynes
10:20am - 10:40am The ROSE Study: Investigative tools for the study of endometriosis Peter Gregersen, MD
10:40am - 11:00am Primate Models for Endometriosis Research - do miRNAs play a role? Asgi Fazleabas, PhD
11:00am - 11:20am Towards mechanism-based molecular classification of women with endometriosis Linda Griffith, PhD
11:20am - 11:35am Break  
CHAIRS: Tomer Singer | Irving Buterman
11:35am - 11:55am Diagnosis and treatment: surgery vs. no surgery? Juan Salgado, MD
11:55am - 12:15pm Cost effective IVF for endometriosis Enda McVeigh, MD
12:15pm - 12:35pm From adolescence through menopause Sarah Berga, MD
12:35pm - 12:50pm Take home messages and close Tamer Seckin, MD

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