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Top International Speakers to Present at EndoFound’s 15 th Annual Medical Conference

Top International Speakers to Present at EndoFound’s 15 th Annual Medical Conference

Nearly three dozen speakers will present at EndoFound’s 15th Annual International Medical Conference, from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. on May 2 and 3, at the Jay Conference Center, 109 W. 39th Street in New York City.

Planned and implemented in cooperation with Northwell Health, the objective of the conference is for participants to leave with the ability to:

  • Recognize and treat endometriosis.

  • Update current research into their understanding.

  • Clarify the use of artificial intelligence in medical care.

  • Foster a lifetime approach to learning.

  • Illustrate the use of patient-centered care.

The conference theme is “Endometriosis 2024: Elevating Sampson’s Century Legacy Via Deep Dive with AI.” John Sampson, MD, who lived from 1873 to 1946, was an Albany, New York, gynecologist and pioneer in endometriosis research.

“I have a list of 43 different things that Sampson had either seen or anticipated seeing regarding endometriosis that are still relevant today,” said Dan Martin, MD, scientific and medical director for EndoFound. “And nobody published a paper until 1989 about something to do with endometriosis that Sampson didn’t know or anticipate. He was a brilliant guy.”

The conference will kick off on Thursday, May 2, with sessions about Sampson’s work and its relevance today.

“And in addition to talking about Sampson, we’ll discuss all of the advances in medicine, new research, and how to care for patients,” Dr. Martin said. “With patient care, something obvious to us now is that there is no one good answer for endometriosis. What you do, whether it’s surgery, medication, or holistic medicine, doesn’t work for everybody.”

Several of the topics on Thursday and Friday will focus on artificial intelligence as it relates to endometriosis.

“Fifteen years ago, a lot of research had to do with how well we could do surgery, medications, and whether endometriosis was an inflammatory disease. Now it’s gotten into more cellular and sub-cellular ideas, genetics, epigenetics, and developing biomarkers so we can diagnose it without surgery,” Dr. Martin said. “This is where artificial intelligence will come in. The use of multiple markers will probably work, but the difficulty is trying to interpret them. That’s what artificial intelligence is designed for and can do beautifully.” 

Dr. Martin is organizing the conference with Tamer Seckin, MD, the co-founder of EndoFound and head of the Seckin Endometriosis Center in Manhattan. Each presentation will be 15 minutes followed by five minutes of questions. In the afternoons, two rooms will run parallel sessions. There also will be panel discussions and networking over the two days. Other topics covered will include “Laparoscopic Bowel Surgery,” “World Discrepancies in Endometriosis Care,” and “Adenomyosis & Fertility.”

A few of the more than 30 speakers featured will be Francisco Carmona, MD, Ph.D., professor of the University of Barcelona’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Stacey Missmer, Sc.D., professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University; and Arielle Bayer, MD, reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at CCRM Fertility of New York.

Dr. Martin said attendees can earn up to 12 AMA PRA Category 1 continuing education credits.

The event is free for all Northwell employees, fellows, residents, and medical students. The cost for those outside of Northwell is $250 for physicians and $125 for non-physicians. The fees include both days of the conference, access to the exhibit hall, and meals.

To register and for a list of speakers and sessions, visit www.endofound.org/medicalconference.