The Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound) is opening its Request for Proposals for 2019 award funding. In 2019, EndoFound plans to award grants of maximum $25,000 each. In total, EndoFound has allocated minimum $250,000 for research grants in the 2019 fiscal year.  Advancing endometriosis research is one of our primary goals. We are therefore proud to announce that with this amount, we will be surpassing the $1 million mark in total grants awarded in EndoFound history. 

Grant Proposal Application


Our philosophy is to support evidence-based medicine leading to excellent clinical judgment and better outcomes for endometriosis patients.

Priority will be given to research methodology involving:

  • Animal and laboratory studies (no humans involved);

  • Retrospective case-control studies with the subject already of interest looking for risk factors (primary observational studies);

  • Prospective cohort studies, expert cohort observed for an outcome (primary observational studies);

  • Prospective randomized controlled trials, test, and treatment (primary studies);

We encourage research in the following fields:

  • Disease etiology, genetics, and pathology of the peritoneum, ovarian endometrioma, uterine adenomyosis, and deeply infiltrating endometriosis;

  • Epidemiology, defining risk populations with biomarkers;

  • Early diagnosis and adolescent endometriosis;

  • Comorbidities;

  • Sub-fertility and infertility issues involving ovarian endometrioma and peritoneal inflammation;

  • Excisional peritoneal surgery for tissue diagnosis and treatment;

  • Definitive surgery for deeply infiltrating endometriosis involving multiple organ systems, such as gastrointestinal, urinary tract, nerve, and diaphragm;

  • Psychosocial impact on quality of life;

  • Individual and societal economic impact;

  • Prevention of prescription drug abuse.


All proposals need to be submitted to research@endofound.org by March 31, 2019, at 5 pm for review. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.  


Step 1: Download and complete the 2019 EndoFound Full Grant Proposal Application. (Click "File" and download as Word)

Grant Proposal Application

Step 2: Submit the application in PDF format to research@endofound.org and ensure that we confirm receipt. 


  • The grant period is for one calendar year and will begin on the day the recipient is informed of the grant award.

  • The grant will cover direct costs related to the research. Indirect costs are limited to 10%. The grant will not cover costs that include:

    • Travel for an investigator to present research findings at a professional meeting, conference, or seminar;

    • Acquisition of computers or other electronic hardware;

    • Capital acquisition of equipment.

  • If there are presentations and publications produced as a result of the research, grant recipients are expected to acknowledge EndoFound.

  • Grant recipients are expected to provide an interim and final report to Endofound.

  • Foreign/international applicants must have a joint IRB prepared and submitted through EndoFound. Details will be discussed upon application.


Requests for proposals (RFP) are solicited in the Fall/Winter of each year. To receive the latest news on EndoFound grant programs, please sign-up here.