Karli Goldstein Karli Goldstein, DO

Dr. Goldstein is a gynecologic surgeon who completed her residency at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City where she spent extensive time training with Dr. Tamer Seckin in endometriosis surgery. Dr. Goldstein joined the Seckin Endometriosis Center in 2017 as an associate surgeon and as a fellow of endometriosis surgery. She continues to dedicate her practice to deep excision surgical methods.  She also works hard to raise awareness about the need for support for endometriosis research. Dr. Goldstein herself is a Stage IV endometriosis patient, who received excision surgery after years of trying to find a diagnosis. Because of her journey with endometriosis, Dr. Goldstein has the unique ability to empathize and understand what her patients are experiencing and to help them through all aspects of care. In addition to precise laparoscopic excision surgery, it is her passion to promote wellness with an integrative approach for her patients. Dr. Goldstein spent her childhood in international schools all over the world. She speaks Spanish, French, and Italian.

Why is EFA  doing this conference? - Karli Goldstein, DO

Why is EFA doing this conference? - Karli Goldstein, DO

EFA Medical Conference 2017 "Breast, Ovary and Endometriosis"October 28, 2017 - Lotte New York Palace Hotel Why is EFA  doing this conference? Karli Goldstein, DO Good morning. I'm going to put this up a bit. Thank you so much for coming.…