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Endo 101: Back to Basics

Topic: Endo 101: Back to Basics

Time: Sunday, May 3, 2020, 11:30am EDT
Writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers and former CNBC journalist
Dina Gusovsky Dina Gusovsky is an award-winning journalist and Writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers. Prior to Late Night, Gusovsky was a Reporter at CNBC, where she reported and produced investigative documentaries and series for digital and television platforms.
Associate Surgeon at Seckin Endometriosis Center
Karli GoldsteinDr. Goldstein is a gynecologic surgeon who completed her residency at Lenox Hill Hospital where she spent extensive time training with Dr. Tamer Seckin. Dr. Goldstein joined the Seckin Endometriosis Center in 2017 as an associate surgeon and as a fellow of endometriosis surgery. She also works hard to raise awareness about the need for support for endometriosis research. Dr. Goldstein herself is a Stage IV endometriosis patient, who received excision surgery after years of trying to find a diagnosis. Because of her journey with endometriosis, Dr. Goldstein has the unique ability to empathize and understand what her patients are experiencing and to help them through all aspects of care. In addition to precise laparoscopic excision surgery, it is her passion to promote wellness with an integrative approach for her patients.
Author, Podcast Host, and Endo Patient
Jessica MurnaneJessica Murnane is the author of the One Part Plant Cookbook, host of the One Part Podcast, and founder of Know Your Endo. Jessica has contributed to and appeared in magazines and websites that include Bon Appétit, Goop, Shape Magazine, The Kitchn, Mind Body Green, The Coveteur, Food52, and PopSugar.


Thank you for joining us for Endo 101: Back to Basics. Moderator and journalist Dina Gusovsky was joined by Dr. Karli Goldstein, a gynecologic surgeon at the Seckin Endometriosis Center, and Jessica Murnane, author, podcast host, and endo patient, for an informative crash course on endometriosis diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Dr. Goldstein detailed the basics of endo symptoms, as well as the questions a specialist should ask you in your first appointment. As many patients can’t schedule appointments or surgery right now, Dr. Goldstein suggested telemedicine, as well as tracking your cycle via an app called Phendo. Dr. Goldstein also emphasized the important difference between management and treatment options.

To manage endo symptoms, Jessica Murnane advised following an anti-inflammatory diet, emphasizing that it’s best to start by tuning in on how a particular food makes your body feel. “We don’t always want to hear the answers our body is telling us,” Jessica said, “but I think it’s a really good indicator on how to start eating a little better for endo.” 

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