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All Your Endometriosis Questions Answered by the Experts

All Your Endometriosis Questions Answered by the Experts

We’re launching a new YouTube series, "Ask the Doctors", this week on EndoTV. Hosted and executive produced by Diana Falzone, it delivers answers to the thousands of questions asked by the millions of individuals suffering from this disease.  

"Each episode tackles a different medical topic related to endometriosis with a respected medical practitioner offering their expert insight," said Falzone. “The Endometriosis community has questions, and we want to ensure they get the answers they want from the best doctors and specialists.”

On the June 17 debut episode, clinical psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael discusses managing anxiety and stress while living with a chronic disease like endometriosis. She blends her knowledge of mindfulness, self-discipline, self-compassion, and stress management with her psychology expertise.

 Dr. Carmichael is the author of the new book endorsed by Deepak Chopra, “Nervous Energy, Harness the Power of Your Anxiety.” She is a featured expert for Psychology Today and an advisory board member for Women’s Health magazine. She has appeared on VH1, Inside Edition, ABC Nightline, and quoted in the New York Times, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Shape, Cosmopolitan, and Rolling Stone. 

Falzone says that each episode is going to feature an endometriosis specialist answering those burning questions about the disease. "Should I freeze my eggs? Why are there repeat surgeries? What's the best diet for endo patients? and so much more." 

“The Endometriosis Foundation of America has always been a resource and guide for endo patients who have questions about their own experience. We wanted to give these thousands of patients access to the top medical and science endometriosis experts to answer these very important questions,” said Margaret Caspler Cianci, Executive Director of EndoFound. 

"Ask the Doctors" joins EndoTV’s "Let's Talk Period," also hosted by Falzone. Episodes for "Ask The Doctor" will drop twice a month on the first and third Thursday.  New episodes of "Let's Talk Period," are available every Tuesday. To view the latest episodes, visit EndoTV's YouTube channel.