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3rd Annual Blossom Ball - David B. Redwine

3rd Annual Blossom Ball - David B. Redwine

Dr Tamer Seckin:

Do you realize that we cannot operate correctly if we don’t have science? This man, Dr Redwine, has also been very influential in the treatment of the disease. He is from a nowhere land. He will tell you all about it. He is a very interesting character, and he describes treatments that will be the gold standard, state of the art, for endometriosis treatment, that’s excision surgery.  I invite Dr. David Redwine here, please.

David, you well deserve this, thank you for all of your contributions.

Dr David Redwine:

Well, thank you Tamer. This is incredible to me. I am a country gynecologist from Bend, Oregon and I got interested in endometriosis because my first wife had it. I got really pissed off about the lack of understanding of the disease, and for last 32 years I have dedicated my life to understanding and operating on patients with endometriosis. The patients have been an incredible part of my life. I dedicate my life to helping them and I just am honored that somebody thinks I have done something worthwhile. So, thank you very much.