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3rd Annual Blossom Ball - Caroline Gargett

3rd Annual Blossom Ball - Caroline Gargett

Dr Tamer Seckin:

In recognition of your contribution to the science and treatment of endometriosis, we honor Caroline Gargett, PhD from Monash University. Thank you, Caroline, you can say a few words.

Dr Caroline Gargett:

Firstly, I would like to thank Tamer for this award, and thank him too for inviting me to come today for the scientific session and to this amazing dinner tonight. Endometriosis, as you know, is really a very serious disease affecting very young women in the prime of their life and we heard today how it affects every aspect of their life. One of the main areas it affects is their sex life, as we heard today. We are very grateful to have surgeons who work very hard to try and improve the lot of women who suffer from this incredible disease, and also to the researchers and the people who support the research, so that we can find other ways or additional ways to treat this disorder. So, I would like to thank you very much.