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Ten GIFs Endo Sisters Can Definitely Relate To

Ten GIFs Endo Sisters Can Definitely Relate To

Advil does not solve all period cramps! Um, nope! Bye, Felicia!

Animated 1


Your heating pad is life, sometimes, for days

Animated 2


So, too, is having a dependable cuddle buddy

Animated 3


Having lots of tampons/pads at the ready are a MUST

Animated 4


Speaking of, how annoying are those tampon commercials?
Can we do away with the bowl and the blue stuff, already?

Animated 5


Diagnosis is just the bittersweet beginning of a long endo journey

Animated 6


Some doctors have the bad habit of not believing in women—AT ALL

Animated 7


Endo can affect more than the pelvis

Animated 8


Chronic pain might be invisible, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real!

Animated 9


The dance you do when you find an endo sister who totally understands your pain

Animated 10