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Stephanie Meyer's Endo Story

Stephanie Meyer's Endo Story

 Stephanie Meyer Endo Story HeadshotI remember my first period. I was in the 6th grade and woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. I thought to myself "I have never felt pain like this before...what is happening to me?" As the pain intensified, I started to scream. My mom came rushing through my bedroom door to see what was wrong. At first, we thought it was my appendix, and that it ruptured. I then took a Tylenol hoping the pain would go down and that our next stop would not be the hospital. After an hour, I was able to fall asleep and my mom decided to send me to school in the morning. During the day my pain was manageable, but I remember feeling like something was still not quite right. As soon as I got off the school bus, I ran home and up the stairs to our bathroom, it was there that I had a revelation. It was not my appendix that ruptured, and it was not that I had a rather embarrassing accident. It was, in fact, my period. From that day on my life was never the same. Countless school and work days missed, people thinking I was exaggerating my pain, not being able to make parties or celebrations. The pain had completely taken over my life! 


My OBGYN was the only medical professional who I felt truly listened to me, and at the age of 24, the decade's long mystery was solved: I had endometriosis.

I went through my fair share of birth control, cyst ruptures, laparoscopies, alternative medicine and home remedies (heating pads are God's gift!). I struggle every day to put a smile on my face, and guess what?...I do. If I am allowed one humble request, it's this: when a woman expresses their pain, listen not only with your ears but with your mind and your heart. We are suffering, but we are survivors.

Thank you for hearing my story.

Stephanie-Meyer-Endo-Story-Stephanie-and-her-husband-in-the-city    Stephanie-Meyer-Endo-Story-Stephanie-and-her-husband

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