Early detection and diagnosis
is the best prevention
for endometriosis

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Lena Dunham Has Had Her Period for 13 Straight Days

Thank you Lena Dunham for speaking out about endometriosis and the lack of research. Research is so important because it helps us to understand the sub-types of endometriosis; something that will assist us to develop better diagnosis and treatment strategies.
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Q&A with EFA volunteer and fundraiser Aleshia Carlsen-Bryan

Aleshia Carlsen-Bryan reveals what it was like organizing a 5K EFA fundraiser, and why she felt passionate about the cause!
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Public television Series Second opinion on Endometriosis Dr. Tamer Seckin explains it in detail

Tune in today to Second Opinion (PBS) as Tamer Seckin, MD., founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) joins host Peter Salgo, MD. (nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host), and Lisa Harris, MD., Vice President of Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer at Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital to discuss endometriosis. Joining them is patient Ruta Sankalis-Biteman who shares her endometriosis journey, and the challenges she experienced getting a proper diagnosis and effective treatment.
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Q&A with Team EFA Marathon Runner Ben Willig

2016 Team EFA marathon runner, Ben Willig, reveals what it was like to run his first NYC Marathon in support of endometriosis education
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Join #GivingTuesday and Feel the Movement!

Help the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) raise $20,000 towards the national expansion of the ENPOWR (Endometriosis: Promoting Outreach and Wide Recognition) Project. A program that targets teenagers aged 14 and above to explain what endometriosis is, how to recognize its symptoms early, and how it can be treated.
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Q&A with Team EFA Marathon Runner Daniel Gunter

Team EFA member, Daniel Gunter, will run the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon to support his sister and create awareness for endometriosis
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Women in Chronic Pain Are Often
the First to Pretend They’re Fine

Perfection is a moving target. This week, the Cut explores the allure of trying to achieve the impossible.
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Q&A with Team EFA Marathon Runner Sylvia English

Endometriosis advocate, Sylvia English strives to increase awareness and education by running the 2016 TCS NYC marathon for Team EFA
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Revlon Million Dollar Challenge

We are thrilled to announce we are part of a campaign called the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge, a friendly fundraising competition where charities spreading the power of love in support of women’s health compete to raise the most money for their cause. The top raising organization will receive a $1 Million donation from Revlon. Second through fifth place will also win large cash donations.
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Q&A with Team EFA Marathon Runner Dr. Michael T. Breen

As a 2016 TCS NYC Marathon runner for Team EFA, Dr. Michael T. Breen is supporting his endometriosis patients while bringing to light the need for more research and treatment options. Learn more about Michael here!
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