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Katherine Burns, PhD. - Interview

Katherine Burns, PhD. - Interview

Endofound Medical Conference 2017 "Breast, Ovary and Endometriosis" October 28, 2017 - Lotte New York Palace Hotel

Katherine A. Burns, PhD.

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


Interviewer: In your research with the grant that you received from the Endometriosis Foundation of America?

Katherine Burns: Currently where we are is we are studying trying to understand with the initiation and the growth of endometriosis, using a mouse model. We're looking at environmental toxicant exposure. I'm really interested in how some of the daily compounds that we are exposed to affect what happens with endometriosis.

We're actually, currently next week, we ordered ... or actually last week, the mice came in. We're planning to do the surgeries to induce endometriosis on Monday. Then, will begin the treatments with these chemicals and follow through.

We've done some of the in vitro work that I actually turned back in as a progress report to show that some of these environmental compounds, and one in particular, has an effect on macrophage stimulation. Those are one of the main important cell types. It's part of the innate immune system.

Hopefully now, we can actually look and see what happens in the lesions, and see what actually happens in the mice and how they respond to these chemicals.

Interviewer: Well, thank you Dr. Burns.