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Empowering Women's Health: Exploring Endocrinology and Preventive Care

Empowering Women's Health: Exploring Endocrinology and Preventive Care

In the latest EndoTV episode, Diana Falzone engages in an insightful conversation with Dr. Disha Narang, an esteemed endocrinologist. They delve into endocrinology's intricacies, emphasizing its crucial role in women's health and the significance of proactive and preventive healthcare.

Dr. Narang delivers a succinct overview of endocrinology, emphasizing its focus on hormonal abnormalities encompassing the pituitary gland, thyroid, and reproductive hormones. She clarifies the complexities of this field.

The conversation addresses the controversial notion of "adrenal fatigue," which Dr. Narang discredits due to a lack of scientific evidence. She stresses the importance of relying on established medical knowledge instead of unsubstantiated trends.

Dr. Narang highlights adrenal insufficiency, explaining its consequences, such as low cortisol levels leading to symptoms like low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, and fatigue. She underscores the necessity of timely and accurate management of this condition.

As a women's health specialist, Dr. Narang explores the intersection of endocrinology with conditions like endometriosis, emphasizing the role of hormones in holistic care.

The conversation touches upon the complexities of fertility treatments, which often involve adjusting hormone levels. Dr. Narang discusses the challenges of maintaining hormonal balance during these procedures and the importance of personalized care.

Dr. Narang advocates for preventive healthcare, particularly for women, promoting early intervention and an interdisciplinary approach that empowers patients to advocate for their well-being.

The discussion acknowledges the challenges in accessing healthcare, considering scheduling and availability issues in the current system. Dr. Narang empathizes with patients and healthcare providers facing these obstacles and calls for necessary reforms.

Dr. Narang's commitment to fostering long-term health and well-being is evident, emphasizing the shift from short-term solutions to sustained preventive care. This interview unveils the intricacies of endocrinology's role in women's health, emphasizing the importance of a long-term preventive care approach. Dr. Narang's dedication to improving healthcare outcomes offers hope for a healthier future. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions on EndoTV. 

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