Early detection and diagnosis
is the best prevention
for endometriosis

Educational Campaign to Support NYS’s Three-Pronged Health Initiative Against Endometriosis, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and Obesity


Through the Teen Health Awareness Campaign, the New York State Department of Health has recognized the importance of combating three diseases that cause significant harm to young people – endometriosis, alcohol and substance abuse, and obesity – and has asked the EFA to take action.  Finally, endometriosis is being recognized as the devastating disease it can be, as it is now joined with the two most highly visible and critical health issues facing our youth!  In light of this, the EFA has launched its adolescent outreach and education program, The Endometriosis Nation Promoting Outreach and Wide Recognition (ENPOWR) Project. This program is designed to educate adolescents about the signs and symptoms of endometriosis in order to increase awareness and to promote early intervention.  The EFA is visiting young people at schools and other community-based organizations to present information about endometriosis symptoms and treatments.  The content is designed to be a compelling tool for empowering youth to spread the word about endometriosis to others, as well as to seek medical attention if necessary.  The EFA would love to bring The ENPOWR Project to your community, so please contact our Director of Education and Outreach for more information.


Padma Lakshmi Albany Press Conference