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These Fearless Women Show
What Endometriosis Really Looks Like

These Fearless Women ShowWhat Endometriosis Really Looks Like

Above, “What Endo Really Looks Like” by special effects makeup artist Belinda Moody. “I wanted to somehow make people understand that it's not just a really bad period," says Moody, who used fake blood and fake razor wire for the photograph. 

To the outside world, endometriosis is an invisible disease, but not to the women who experience it most intimately. As endometriosis awareness continues to increase, scores of fearless endo women have taken to social media to share their portraits of pain. From bloated endo bellies; to faded and fresh scars of endo war; to days spent in bed with a heating pad, these are just a few of countless endo warriors who aren't afraid to go all #nofilter.

girl with heating pad

credit: instagram.com/sarah.catherwood

Instagrammer @sara.catherwood decided to stay put with a game during a recent endo episode.

“Sitting at home tonight playing Sims Medieval with my heating pad and tea,” she wrote.

vertical incision scar

credit: instagram.com/endoeducation

Before and after surgery, “Looks like two different women doesn’t it?" asks Instagrammer @endoeducation. "Also, can you see how much my belly button has changed from the multiple surgeries through it? It angers me that had my [general practicioners] 16 years ago discovered my diseases, I wouldn’t have had to endure 3 stays in hospital in less than 8 months. #sharemyscars

endo belly bloat

credit: instagram.com/karlaar.xo

“No, this is not a pregnancy post," writes Instagrammer @karlaar.xo .  "This right here," she adds, "is an endometriosis flare-up at its finest.”

endo hospital bed

credit: instagram.com/kendallrayburn

“Now modeling some uber-comfy yellow hospital socks, a lavender gown, and a practical yet stylish blue hair cap,” wrote Instagrammer @Kendallrayburn

 belly with bandaids

credit instagram.com/adventuresoftoni

“We need to accept that we all experience pain differently," captions Instagrammer @adventuresoftoni, in this post-op snap of her bandaged belly, "and that we need to address the source of the pain, not throw band-aid solutions around.”

 endo woman in bed

credit: instagram.com/jessdunsy

“Some days (and weeks) are worse than others; today being one of those days," writes Instagrammer @jessdunsy. "While the pain can often be debilitating, I try to keep a positive attitude that I will be in control of my endo. I’m on a journey to figure out the right balance in life to fight this disease and come out winning.”