Our mission is to increase endometriosis awareness, fund landmark research, provide advocacy and support for patients, and educate the public and medical community.
Founders: Padma Lakshmi, Tamer Seckin, MD
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Meet The 2021 TCS New York City Marathon Team

Meet The 2021 TCS New York City Marathon Team

Get to know the amazing athletes running with Team EndoFound in the 2021 TCS NYC Marathon this November! Want to support the team as a whole? Visit our JustGiving Team EndoFound page. 


Gates Palissery

Current Home: Currently live in Roanoke, VA for school
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Either Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Heritage Trail or Chicago's Lakefront Trail
Favorite Food: Pizza and/or ice cream! I'll never pass those up.
Why Team EndoFound? Endo runs in my family, and my middle sister, who got me into running, has it. I really want to raise awareness and support her and everyone else, especially LGBTQ+ people, who have endo.

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Claire Roberts

Current HomeWashington, DC
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Rock Creek Park
Favorite Food: Cheese/charcuterie boards
Why Team EndoFound? To raise awareness about endometriosis and women's health.

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Lisa Liberatore

Current Home: Los Angeles
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Along the beach
Favorite Food: fruit salad
Why Team EndoFound: I want to help support research, education, and the development of effective treatments and better outcomes for women who have endometriosis. Seeing my daughter dealing with both the pain and disabling impacts of endometriosis and the difficulty in finding treatment and relief motivates me to do my part to help raise awareness and to ensure that women's health is a priority.

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Brandon Jones

Current Home: Dallas, TX
Running Trail: Northaven Trail or White Rock Lake
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Movie: True Romance
Why Team EndoFound: Before meeting my wife, Danielle, I did not know what endometriosis was. I’ve learned so much from her and she has made a profound impact in my life. Danielle is courageous, strong, smart and generous. I’m so proud of her and grateful she will forever be part of my life. I’m running for her and my colleague Melissa (EndoFound’s former head-of-marketing!), and so many wonderful women who suffer from endo.

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Tim Gueramy

Hometown: Laramie Wyoming
Favorite Running Path/Trail: The Caves, Crested Butte Colorado
Favorite Food: Croissants
Why Team EndoFound? To support my incredibly strong wife and all the strong women who have persevered through Endometriosis!

Sarah Leonard

Current Home: Cheyenne, WY
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Anywhere outside on cement and not gravel or dirt. I particularly love running around parks with water and trees.
Favorite Food: Steak
Why Team EndoFound? Endometriosis has affected millions of women and is so common, there needs to be more of a focus on it. The more focus we put on it and spread the word, the better. I know four women who have had endometriosis and two of the four were never able to have children. It is important to start focusing on endometriosis and making others aware of the seriousness of it.

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Emily Robertson

Current Home: Laramie, Wyoming
Favorite Running Path/Trail:
Anywhere in the woods
Favorite Food:
Cheese and wine
Why Team EndoFound?
I am running for EndoFound because my mother suffered from endometriosis and I have seen first hand the turmoil it can cause on the quality of one’s life.

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Adam Blaine

Current Home: Buffalo, WY
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Caribou Pass, Arapaho National Forest, CO
Favorite Food: Italian
Why Team EndoFound? As a medical student, I run in support of my mentor who suffers from endometriosis, and to improve awareness and research for the care of all women who suffer from endometriosis.

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Joe Paumer

Current Home: Laramie, WY
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Happy Jack
Favorite Food: Burger and Fries
Why Team EndoFound? To bring awareness and support friends who have struggled with endometriosis!

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Brad Gifford

Brad Gifford

Current Home: born and raised in Wyoming. My wife is Camille Gifford, and we have 4 great kids! Moved to Phoenix a couple years ago after spending most of our time in Jackson, WY and Fort Collins, CO. Love traveling and adventures with the family and still slightly addicted to playing rugby after a couple decades…..
Why Team EndoFound? Fundraising to be a part of something that needs money as much as awareness and to help the best I can! Also, I want to show my kids that you can always do something to help a cause….. even if I finish the marathon dead last! Ha….hoping that doesn’t happen but hey….never know!

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Camille Gifford

Camille Gifford

Current Home: Phoenix, AZ
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Along the canal
Favorite Food: Anything spicy :)

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Ted Lowe

Ted Lowe

Current HomeDallas, TX
Favorite Running Path/Trail: White Rock Lake
Favorite Food: Pizza
Why Team EndoFound? I was invited to join the team by Brandon Jones and Melissa Boudreau, and Brandon’s finance and my friend, Danielle, has endo.

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Jenna Koperski

Jenna Koperski

Current HomeNear Omaha, NE
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Running down a long country road in town
Favorite Food: Mac and cheese
Why Team EndoFound? My mother has endometriosis and I am in the process of getting diagnosed. Doing this means so much because of the journey I have seen my mother go through and for myself.

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Cara King

Cara King

Current HomeCleveland Heights, OH

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Grace Barliant

Grace Barliant

Current HomeNew York, NY
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Central Park and along the water on the west side in NYC
Favorite Food: Pasta (gluten free bc endo)
Why Team EndoFound? I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 18 after having blood clots in my lungs (a side effect of the birth control pills prescribed to manage, what we now know was, my endometriosis pain). I am running for team Endo because I have first-hand experience with the physical pain and disabling daily impacts of endometriosis, and I want to help raise awareness and funding for a disease that is significantly under-funded despite impacting so many women.

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Erik Jaeger

Current HomeMelville, NY

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Fatima Aziz

Fatima Aziz

Current HomeNative New Yorker, born and raised!
Favorite Running Path/Trail: Alongside any water view or my old high school track :)
Favorite Food: Cilantro, it’s really my most favorite thing to eat
Why Team EndoFound? As a first time marathon runner and registered nurse, I’m so proud to be part of EndoFound for my first marathon! In the past couple of years I’ve gotten to see and hear so many compelling stories of patients with endometriosis that raising money for endometriosis makes me feel I am fulfilling a bigger purpose.

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