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Ira Jafee, MD

Ira Jafee, MD

I am Dr. Ira Jafee.  I am an obstetrician/gynecologist, I work at Rosh Maternal Fetal Medicine, and I take care of my patients at New York University Langone Medical Center.

Q:  Thank you.  Now, what I am wondering is from your perspective what do you feel is the single most important piece of information for other medical professionals to know that work with women and specifically that work with endometriosis patients?

A:  Well, endometriosis is a chronic and progressive condition and it has such a large variety of ways that it presents itself, and when women come with complaints of pain or menstrual irregularities or difficulty in their sexuality, it needs to always be in the clinician’s mind to have that as part of what they are considering of a diagnosis so they could make the appropriate treatment.

Q:  And do you feel that it is important for there to be a Center of Excellence for endometriosis treatment in the New York City?

A:  Well, Center of Excellence, I guess, by definition is something that is always good thing to have.  Like any condition there are going to be clinicians who are going to have marginal familiarity and they are going to be people who have more of an in depth understanding and are able to appreciate the subtleties and varieties the way in which a disease can present.  So the more expertise there is, the more it is going to benefit to women who require treatment.

Thank you for speaking with us.  I appreciate it.