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Gail Simmons - Blossom Ball 2016

Gail Simmons - Blossom Ball 2016

EndoFound.org Blossom Ball 2016

8th Annual Blossom Ball 

Gail Simmons

My mother was an endometriosis sufferer for many years. It was the reason she was told she would never have children. She adopted both my brothers, and then many years later, miraculously, got pregnant with me. I feel like it affects my life every day. I would not be here. My mother always was very communicative about that with me, making sure that I took care of my health and how important that is as a woman, to make sure your reproductive health is always front of the line because if you are not healthy you are no good to anyone. You need to be strong for everyone around you, especially now that I am a mother. That is what brings me here.