Our mission is to increase endometriosis awareness, fund landmark research, provide advocacy and support for patients, and educate the public and medical community.
Founders: Padma Lakshmi, Tamer Seckin, MD
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Endometriosis patient Selina Regan shares her success story.

Endometriosis patient Selina Regan shares her success story.

I am Selina Regan.  I am patient of Dr. Seckin and have been for 18 years.  He diagnosed me with endometriosis and has performed two excision surgeries on me.

Q:  And you have a wonderful success story to tell.

A:  Actually two success stories, at the age of 41 when I thought I had very little odd of getting pregnant, I did, and now at 43 I am pregnant again.  Much of the shock of the medical community at large including the fertility community but not to Dr. Seckin.  Dr. Seckin always held faith and despite my age and endometriosis and something called high FSH level that jumped upon me that a second baby, and a first baby for that matter, were well within reach.

Q:  Congratulations.  We are really excited for you.  As a person who has been involved a little bit with the foundation and who has been an endometriosis patient for so many years, how would you like to see people informed about the disease?  What would you like to see changed in the medical community about how people are informed about the disease?

A:  I just think the awareness is really one of the key factors.  When I talk to a lot of my friends who are, you know, very well educated, sophisticated women.  I am surprised that they have never even heard of it.  When I hear them complaining about monthly pain or issues getting pregnant, I ask them if your doctor ever brought it up and they literally have no idea of what I am talking about.  So I would like for endometriosis to be as common place in the vocabulary of gynecologists as fibroids and menstrual cycle and just to be part of the normal jargon so that it is not a word that people do not even know.  That is probably the primary thing.  So people should be aware of what this disease is and that it can be treated and what impact they can because I do know that a few doctors to whom friends have gone to were pre-dismissive of it and said well if that is the issue so what.  You still need to go to a fertility doctor or you know you still _______.  They really did not actually treat the problem.

I understand okay.  Thank you for speaking to us.