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Daniel Camburn, LAc - Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine: Alternative Methods to Stop and Reverse Inflammation

Daniel Camburn, LAc - Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine: Alternative Methods to Stop and Reverse Inflammation

Daniel Camburn, LAc - Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine: Alternative Methods to Stop and Reverse Inflammation

Patient Awareness Day 2019: HEALTHY MIND & HAPPY PELVIS
Living Your Best Life With Endo
March 10, 2019 (8am - 5pm)
Einhorn Auditorium, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City

Hello. No, I'm not a random person. I'm Daniel Camburn, [inaudible 00:00:18]. I've been given 12 minutes. For about 15 years I've done a 16 hour endometriosis seminar for practitioners, so I'm going to do what I can in my 12 minutes. Waiting for slides. Slides are coming. I can start by saying there's been a lot of discussion today about, which is a wonderful thing. It's just very different than when I do a hyper focus to diving in and Western medicine and could not be where it is today without the invention of the microscope.

In Chinese medicine which eventually there may be slides here to show something about Chinese medicine. There we go. Simple green to click maybe. Before I click the first one, the idea with Chinese medicine in general is a macro scope. In all my 25 years I've never used the word before, just made up. We use a macro scope. We're going to go very fast. I'm going to do a YouTube video of this same presentation. I'll pull it up on my website. Don't worry about missing anything.

Probably familiar enough with these things. She is going to be important here in this discussion. The best translation generally speaking is this energy, but energy also we have to relate to function. So qi is a term for how, when, where, and why the body does work. Herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is something that is incredibly complex and when you go to a GNC or whole foods in you buy a singular herb or you by several herbs or something, this has no resemblance to herbal medicine.

This is my micro scope versus macro scope. One of my favorite slides. I'm sorry I'm going to ask you to do some reading. This is what we're going to be talking about for the rest of our nine and a half minutes. Energetic medicine, changing the way the body government itself. We know there are more kind of causes all the time. Again, this is from a macro scope. This is what I've observed. I was mentioning earlier 1995 was when I had my first endometriosis patient.

It's been whatever length of time that is and this is sort of what I've observed. We barely have time to talk about the one. We'll do so quickly. My message, a happy mind equals healthy pelvis. Positivity maybe the longterm solution to ridding the world of endometriosis. I'm going to make an attempt at showing everybody how this could be. Mulleriosis theory, probably not expected in my acupuncture talk.

Developmental abnormalities in the female reproductive system. Let's bring it around. Cortisol, primary Stress hormone suppresses reproductive system and growth processes. I proposed that this effect, while a mother is pregnant, similar suppression essentially. If this is the case then how someone responds to stressors would be the primary factor relating. I think I have more on this. This is my general idea of primary endometriosis.

Can a mother be blamed? Absolutely not. Obviously not. Who can be blamed is greedy people that women have to work during pregnancy, whereas say in Scandinavia or something, lots of Europe, they would not have to work during their pregnancy. Growing embryo is a totally separate organism with its own life or it's a miniature version of its mother's experience. This is not meant to be depressing, our repressive culture.

It's just a way to refer to this problematic situation. Negative emotions, particularly when expressed by females are very much discouraged to be expressed but are encouraged to be suppressed. Maybe you all disagree with that, but that's been my experience in our culture. Chinese medicine sees these emotions as having a physical effects. Thoughts direct our actions, thoughts and emotions kind of control our body. There's more on there.

That's just a quick sign is very fast. [inaudible 00:05:34] from at least 200 BC detailing how emotions change, how emotions affect our body. Again, just think of qi as energy or a function. Sorry, I'm going to go back again. The most relevant one here is causes qi to move chaotically and/or conversely or qi to stagnate. All of those things likely have very little meaning to almost everyone not doing Chinese medicine, but again, just think of it as causing function to stagnate or something like back to Mulleriosis theory causing cells to move chaotically or conversely.

We know thoughts in our head are at least say half energy, half a neurotransmitter's particles. Logically we can say that energy is a relevant part of emotions. I've got Newton's third law in there in my feeble attempt to blend in a scientific invention. The equal and opposite reaction is that relevant factor. Padma Lakshmi is a mention of millions of women suffering in silence. In silence I am calling repression.

Holding emotions/energy inwards. Chinese medicine, liver qi depression/liver qi stagnation. If any of you have been to an acupuncture, yes, there's a good chance you've gotten this diagnosis 'cause it's hard to be anywhere we all New York City without getting that diagnosis. Referring back to science again, energy can neither be created or destroyed. So if these emotions are any part energy such as our thoughts are, then they're not being destroyed.

They're being suppressed. They accumulate. This is generally speaking, again, in my experience, not a conscious effort. No one ever says let me suppress my emotions so that I can have a disease. No one would ever say that. My beautiful little flow chart you can get. You've already gathered that I'm generally averse to technology. Experience stress, default or opportunity. Once we have our choice in the mind, then everything flows from emotion.

Equal and opposite reaction. We do not allow ourselves to have emotional outbursts, most people anyway. As per my request, I have my variety of ways that this relates to inflammation or the requests made on me. This is just the general idea, we're holding energy down. When we lose the strength, we lose the extra energy required to hold it together entirely. Then there's the venting that we don't want. Inflammation too. Maybe you've seen that movie. It's quite good.

Side effect of accumulating stagnant energy. This essentially just the same as pressure, friction, potential thermal energy. Inflammation. Local excess or pathological energy. Any negative response to pathological tissue which could be triggered by a wide variety of things, diet and stress being probably primary. High cortisol levels would be a good example from blood work that we can use to show such things.

Equating this sort of local access, equating to pathological heat, the whole idea I don't know if it was somewhere already, but the general idea with blood and energy being that blood doesn't move on its own. If you take blood even from a living body, it's just going to sit there on the cup. It is only energy that's moving everything around in us. It's energy that's letting us all sit up right at the moment and me speak and so forth.

Here is another one. Again, my newly coined and thank goodness it was public, my macroscopic perspective. From A macroscopic perspective, have what the body wants. It's not something we think about very much. I think in general we're taught to have a disconnection with our body and we are meant to be master and the body is servant, but things like endometriosis remind us that the body has actually master and the mind is servant.

It's much easier to be controlled by our emotions than by our consciousness. What the body wants, this is the basic idea. Stagnation, fatigue, agitation. See, I'm perfectly comfortable in the Western environment, WebMD picture. Inflammation five, stress response, livers giving up sugar, we've got to replace that sugar and here are examples of how we're going to replace and these are relatively healthy examples.

I mean, if you're eating instant oatmeal and having a salad, then you're quite healthy but not according to WebMD. What can we do about it? Creating a happy mind and a healthy pelvis. Sort of acknowledging the devastating effects of stress. I've got 56 seconds. Right on schedule. The wonderful effects of acupuncture. One could barely begin to classify the amazing things that acupuncture can do.

It's like a fair amount of things in life, it must be experienced to be understood. No one could relate to you what it can do without experiencing it. Since I moved to Florida, I have many people falling apart unfortunately because of ... Anyway, that's a side note. We've talked about exercise today, talked about stretching, yoga, qi gong, diet, some of the brief things that Chinese medicine can do. 18 seconds.

Obviously this is limited to effects generally relevant to endometriosis. One of the things that Chinese medicine observed a long, long time ago was that blood clots were directly associated at ... Sorry, I'm out of time. Blood clots were associated with pain. A direct association between the size and number of clots, the darkness of clots and the severity of pain. In Chinese medicine we find we eliminate clots, we eliminate pain.

There's generally a direct correlation, not 100%, but much easier to dissolve masses than adhesions. The body seems to want to keep adhesions for whatever reason. Stopping excessive bleeding is something that I'm often called on to do for people. And then of course, changing the experience of how stress can affect the body essentially stopping that process. My bonus tip is there. There's at least a 50% chance curcumin is not for you. My closing argument, thank you.