Our mission is to increase endometriosis awareness, fund landmark research, provide advocacy and support for patients, and educate the public and medical community.
Founders: Padma Lakshmi, Tamer Seckin, MD
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Blossom Ball 2018 - I Am 1 in 10

Blossom Ball 2018 - I Am 1 in 10

- I am one in 10.

- One in ten who wakes up everyday with pain I bear in silence.

- Pain that is taboo.

- Pain that can't be medicated away.

- No one believed I could be in so much pain from my period.

- No one told me there was something wrong.

- No one told me I was not alone.

- Pain with your period is not normal.

- Your period should not hurt.

- It's not in your head.

- It's not in your head.

- I had three surgeries.

- I had four surgeries.

- Two surgeries.

- Five surgeries.

- 12 surgeries.

- 200 million women world-wide have Endometriosis.

- 200 million women wait on average 10 years for a correct diagnosis.

- Some are never diagnosed.

- For each of the seven million women in the U.S who have Endometriosis--

- The government spent just one dollar on research last year.

- Just one dollar.

- This disease is not a mystery.

- Because it can be treated.

- It can be treated.

- Taking my uterus.

- Taking my ovaries is not the answer.

- It's time for women to come together.

- To step out from the shadows.

- Raise our voices.

- Raise our voices.

- Raise our voices.

- For early diagnosis.

- For greater awareness.

- For more research funding.

- For treatment that works.

- Now is the time.