Our mission is to increase endometriosis awareness, fund landmark research, provide advocacy and support for patients, and educate the public and medical community.
Founders: Padma Lakshmi, Tamer Seckin, MD
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End Endo 5K

End Endo 5K

Thank you to everyone who walked, ran, hiked and biked this June to shine the spotlight on endometriosis and raise funds to change the course of the disease. We MORE THAN DOUBLED our fundraising goal, raising $32,636 to promote endometriosis awareness, fund landmark research, provide advocacy and support for patients, and educate the public and medical community.

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Your registration includes

  • Personalized Team EndoFound fundraising page
  • New color! End Endo 5K t-shirt*
  • New design! End Endo 5K racing bib
  • Walking & running tips
  • Fundraising tips and support from EndoFound staff

What impact will my donation have?

  • Just $10 will provide critical endometriosis education materials for one student and their family, reducing delays in diagnosis.
  • Help make breakthroughs happen. How will you make a difference today? $25 funds research to treat and someday cure endometriosis.
  • Advocacy influences public opinion and public policy. Your $25 support makes sure that both the public and Congress know about endometriosis.

Fundraising Incentives

You set your own fundraising goal. As a special thank you on behalf of all individuals impacted by endometriosis, we’ll send you the following rewards:
Endo Warrior Mask Water BottleAdvocate ($100): Endo Warrior mask
Champion ($300): Mask + Water Bottle
Warrior ($1,000): Mask + Water Bottle + Special thank you on EndoFound’s social media

*Register early to ensure that your t-shirt arrives by race weekend! T-shirts available while supplies last.  

Thank you, June 2021 5K participants!

Submit your photos to events@endofound.org to have them featured on this page. Photos may be used by EndoFound on website and social media for future 5K promotion.

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Q: Where is the End Endo 5K?

A: Across the United States in your neighborhood! You choose your own trail in your local community or even a bike or treadmill in your house or at the gym. 

Q: When is the End Endo 5K?

A: Saturday, June 5 and Sunday, June 6. You choose when to do your 5K or even break it up and do half on Saturday and half on Sunday. 

Q: Do I have to run to participate?

A: No, you chose what type of activity you want to do. You can walk, jog, roller-skate, skip, bike, etc. Not feeling up to walking 3.1 miles? You can walk as far as you feel comfortable or cheer on the team in your t-shirt. 

Q: Can teams participate?

A: Yes! Teams of family and friends are encouraged to participate as are workplace teams. Every team member must register on endofound.org/endendo5k/register. Teams of family and friends are invited to set up a team on JustGiving to fundraise. Click here for help setting up a JustGiving team. Workplaces, social clubs, or similar groups: email events@endofound.org to set up your team. 

Q: Are donations by distance or one-time?

A: Most fundraisers ask their friends and family to support their 5K with one-time donations, but if you prefer to ask for pledges by distance, you may. 

Q: How do the t-shirts fit?

A: The t-shirt is Fruit of the Loom's Adult ICONIC™ T-Shirt. Please refer to their men's size guide for help picking a size.  

Questions? Email events@endofound.org.