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Winnie Chan Winnie Chan

EndoFound Patient Advisory Committee

My name is Winnie, and I'm born and raised in NYC. I've had several extensive surgeries involving the loss of multiple organs as well as organ preservation. As a member of the patient advisory committee, I provide tips and tricks to patients, especially when they're feeling emotionally drained or lost. My goal is to send out positive energy to patients and their loved ones. My favorite quote is, "Life knocked me down a few times. It's shown me things I never wanted to see or asked for. I experienced sadness and failures, but one thing for sure – I always get back up."
Come say hi to me on patient day. I want to hear your story!

Blossom Ball 2018 - Winnie Chan

Blossom Ball 2018 - Winnie Chan

- I didn't know it was that common. I thought it was just cramps that you have every month, and you just bear with it, and don't be a crybaby, and it will get over in a couple of days and then you'll be fine again. I thought every other woman…