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Winnie Chan Winnie Chan

EndoFound Patient Advisory Committee

My name is Winnie and I’m from New York City. I’ve had crippling pain from this disease for more than a decade and had several extensive surgeries these past few years. Endo is ruthless as I’ve had foreign objects temporarily installed (ureter stents and ileostomy) because it was deteriorating my normal organ functions. As I gradually recover, I am empowered to share my experience as well as tips and tricks when in pain. I’ve recently read a quote from the Legend of Kora that says, “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.” I can honestly say that I’ve finally feel physically and emotionally better every day. It’s been 2 years since my surgeries and now I have the energy to work full time in technology deployment and attend full time Master’s in Acupuncture program. My specialty will be on women’s health issues as well as fertility treatments.

Blossom Ball 2018 - Winnie Chan

Blossom Ball 2018 - Winnie Chan

- I didn't know it was that common. I thought it was just cramps that you have every month, and you just bear with it, and don't be a crybaby, and it will get over in a couple of days and then you'll be fine again. I thought every other woman…