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Sydney Faith Rose

Sydney Faith Rose, LMSW, CHHC, ERYT

Integrative Trauma Therapy & Mindfulness

Sydney Rose is a therapist and consultant who's been passionate about improving the delivery of health care for recipients since she started her career in social work 15 years ago as a mental health advocate. Since then, she’s designed internationally used curriculums for non-profits, universities, and businesses that focus on humanizing health care and improving the experience of care for people living with chronic conditions.

As a therapist, her work is rooted in a deep commitment to learning, listening, and teaching as much as she can about the way that our minds and bodies respond to stress. She loves making clinical research available and practical for her clients and helping people move out of chronic stress and survival mode into meaningful, joyful lives.

Workshop Description

Even with a good team of doctors, struggling with identity and shame is often the norm when it comes to pain conditions that impact women and trans people. It can feel like an enormous responsibility to accomplish daily life tasks while managing chronic pain. It’s easy to forget about pleasure and to feel unfulfilled in life and relationships.

Powerful feelings of helplessness, pain during sex, or finding ways to move when your body hurts can be exhausting. In this session, we'll focus on the social and emotional needs of people struggling with endometriosis and pelvic pain. We'll talk about how to navigate relationships with partners, friends and care providers and how to feel more confident and connected living with endometriosis.

We'll also talk about how to proactively prevent the anxiety and depression that often come with chronic pain and illness using some of the most researched tools in current wellness literature.

Emotional Impacts of Endometriosis - Sydney Faith Rose, LMSW, CHHC, ERYT

Emotional Impacts of Endometriosis - Sydney Faith Rose, LMSW, CHHC, ERYT

Endometriosis 2023:Global Patient SymposiumTogether for TomorrowMarch 18-19, 2023 - Einhorn Auditorium, Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC Also have some similar lived experiences. So, um, this is our workshop description. I'm gonna talk you through…