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Sue Serino

Sue Serino, NYS Senator

At age 15, Senator Sue Serino went to work and never stopped. After years spent waiting tables and operating a series of small businesses, Sue would enter the real estate industry where she found her niche working to empower first-time homeowners. Experiencing first-hand the frustration of doing business in NY ultimately propelled Sue to run for office and led to her election to the NYS Senate.

Senator Serino has been an independent voice for her community and for women in particular. In her first term, Sue led the fight to repeal the infamous ‘Tampon Tax,’ an effort that had languished for almost thirty years. From there, she worked to give voice to women’s issues that too often fly under the radar, leading to the introduction of her bill to help raise awareness for menstrual disorders, like endometriosis, to ensure that women would no longer have to suffer in silence.