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Sonia  Weimann

Sonia Weimann

Sonia Weimann is an auditory neuroscientist working towards a PhD at Lehigh University. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Neurophysiology and Bioacoustics. Her current scientific interests focus on discovering a novel role for neurotransmitters in the developing brain. Sonia has also published studies on the evolutionary development of animal vocalizations.

Sonia is also an entrepreneur and a lifelong musician. She owns and operates a home decorating business that specializes in specialty finishes in the greater Philadelphia area. Sonia relaxes by pursuing her lifelong passion for music and enjoys singing, playing piano and bass guitar with her band “That’s What She Said.” She is also an avid long-distance runner who has competed in several marathons and volunteers her time organizing fundraising road races for Clarke School of Philadelphia for children with hearing loss. You can reach Sonia at srw309@lehigh.edu.