Ray Garry Ray Garry, MD, PhD

University of Western Australia | UWA - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

I have recently retired from full-time practice as an OB GYN consultant. I worked mostly in the north of England but for the last 6 years of my practice was a full Professor at the University of Western Australia, Perth. My main interests have been the development and particularly the long term assessment of outcomes of various minimal access surgical procedures and have had over 100 papers published in the peer review literature including 6 RCTs and several contributions to Cochrane Reviews. I was the editor of the periodical Gynaecological Endoscopy for 10 years and was chairman of the RCOG Endoscopic Surgery Training committee during the early days of our speciality. i have a wife of 51 years, 3 children and seven grandchildren the latter of whom take up an increasing part of my retirement time.