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Nicqueva Haughton

Nicqueva Haughton

Author, Director, Founder & CEO of Elsada Shoes, LLC.

B.S. Psychology, University of Bridgeport

  • Director of Teen Ministries, Revival Church, Hamden, CT
  • Founder & CEO of Elsada Shoes, LLC. | www.shopelsada.com
  • Author of The Marriage Cookbook
  • 2019 State of Connecticut Public Leadership Citation Recipient
  • Women of Color Award Recipient
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Endometriosis Champion

Nicqueva Haughton resides in Connecticut with her three beautiful children (Vayda 14, Kai 12, Ari 11) and her husband, Teron, of fifteen years.

Originally having been told that she would never have children at the age of nineteen, Nicqueva decided to engulf herself in a professional career in finance. When the miracle of childbirth happened three times for her family, she pivoted her focus and took an entrepreneurial and philanthropic approach. Community and the future of our children is near and dear to Nicqueva’s heart. She commits her life to giving and sharing what she has learned to as many as possible.

Endometriosis has overwhelmed some of the better parts of Nicqueva’s life. Since teenage years, dealing with excruciating, debilitating, and unexplainable pain has seemed like the center of her story; having tried every pill, procedure, and remedy to no definitive end. In 2019, Nicqueva finally was eligible to receive a partial hysterectomy and proclaims that it is one of the best decisions she has ever made in life. Paying particular attention to the social and emotional harm that living with endometriosis can cause is Nicqueva’s passion. Helping women heal and break free from the social isolation that this disease can cause is the goal.

With the support of her family, she was able to finish school, start her own shoe business, encourage and uplift youth in her community, and thrive even after traveling the tumultuous endometriosis journey.

Nicqueva says, “My story will be one of victory!”