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Mike Armour

Mike Armour, PhD, BHSc BSc (Hons)

Senior Research Fellow | Higher Degree Research Coordinator

Dr Mike Armour is a senior research fellow in Women’s Health at NICM Health Research Institute and the Translational Health Research Institute at Western Sydney University. His PhD, awarded in 2016 was on the use of acupuncture in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea. Dr Armour’s research covers endometriosis, persistent pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea with a strong focus on improving menstrual health literacy and finding effective non-pharmacological management strategies; especially medicinal cannabis and traditional Chinese medicine .  As of early 2021 he has published over 45 peer reviewed articles and written 2 book chapters and he is the lead investigator on two large funded clinical trials. Dr Armour is a member of the Endometriosis Australia Clinical Advisory Board, Chair of the Endometriosis Australia Research Committee, ESIG member for Endometriosis NZ, and a member of the Endometriosis Expert Working Group that developed the new endometriosis clinical guidelines for Australia.