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Merve Cicek Aypak Merve Cicek Aypak

Merve Cicek Aypak grew up in her home country Turkey and after graduating from university she moved to Dubai to start her career as an FMCG professional. She’s currently based in the US, living in New Jersey with her husband and rescue dog Pluto and working as a global brand manager at multinational corporation, crafting brands for a living.

She’s passionate about traveling, finding unique stories through human connections, and rescuing animals.

Merve was diagnosed with Endometriosis in May 2020 after suffering with the disease for twenty years. Her long journey and unpleasant experiences with the health system and doctors in multiple continents made her realize the lack of awareness about Endometriosis. Her purpose is to raise awareness and dedicated funds for medical research and training for doctors so that no other human being would suffer silently for twenty years and everyone can have access to specialists like Dr. Seckin. She’s sharing her story and experience through her Instagram account @beautyendobeast to inspire other women to never settle until they find the answers to their long pending questions.