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Mary Ray

Mary Ray

MyHealthTeams COO & Co-founder

Mary Ray is the COO, co-founder and visionary behind the MyHealthTeams, which creates social networks like MyEndometriosisTeam, the largest social network for women living with endometriosis. Her deep understanding of consumers has contributed to her success in growing innovative companies from incubated new ventures at public companies to ‘traditional’ start-ups.

She personally has family members impacted by endometriosis, has lost a family member to a three-decade battle with multiple sclerosis, has had friends who’ve battled cancer, who won, and lost. She’s seen her colleagues juggle work schedules to be caregivers to spouses, parents or their children facing a chronic condition. Through the experiences of her friends and family, she’s come to empathize with the loneliness they have experienced, while managing life with a chronic illness. This is what drove her and Eric Peacock to co-found MyHealthTeams. Together they are causing a tectonic shift in healthcare from a physician- and pharmaceutical-driven industry, to a consumer-driven one.

Mary is a graduate of the College of William & Mary School of Business and George Mason University. She lives in San Francisco, CA with her husband and son, and is a proud fan of the three-time World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants.