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Mark Noar

Mark Noar, MD, MPH

Director of the Endometriosis and Neuroenterology Research Institute

Dr. Mark Noar is a serial inventor and physician with more than 43 years of experience in medicine, surgery, international health and tropical medicine. After practicing therapeutic endoscopy and gastroenterology for 31 years, he left clinical practice to dedicate his full attention to pioneering advances in the diagnosis and treatment of Endometriosis. He is responsible for the formation of the Endometriosis and Neuroenterology Research Institute, out of which was borne his novel noninvasive 30-minute test for diagnosing Endometriosis. He is the inventor of this technology and founder of Endosure, Inc. which has recently released the test commercially. He continues to work towards developing a cure for this incurable disease focusing the Institute’s efforts on the Uterine microbiome.
While practicing medicine, he previously served on the staffs of Johns Hopkins - Howard County Hospital and the Department of Surgery at the University Hospital in Hamburg, Germany. His philanthropic efforts are primarily serving as the Director of the Noar Foundation for Global Community Health, which coordinates innovations in healthcare, cultural and ethnic relations and economic and educational advancement in rural sub-saharan Africa.
Dr. Noar is known for his inventions in medical and surgical simulation, electrogastrography, correction of GERD, therapeutic interventional endoscopy, infection prevention with hypochlorous water, and electroviscerography, which gave rise to the unique diagnostic test for Endometriosis. His inventions have contributed significantly to improvements in medical and surgical education and life-saving advances in surgical instrumentation and infection control. He has directed numerous clinical research projects and authored many publications and video educational materials. Acting as an advisor to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, he has a successful history of technology introduction and trend setting in medical device development and reimbursement, integration of computer-based AI interpretation and diagnostics, and open architecture research-focused EGG used by the NIH.