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Lulu Ge

Lulu Ge

Founder & CEO at Elix

Title: Founder & CEO at Elix

Lulu Ge, CEO of Elix, pioneers the first wellness platform blending 5,000 years of traditional Chinese medicine with Western science to create personalized herbal remedies to support hormone health. Her mission: make holistic health accessible to improve our quality of life. Lulu's accolades include Inc Magazine’s Female Founder 200, Top 100 Women in Femtech, and Entreprenista 100. Featured in Forbes and Vogue, she reaches over 100,000 followers on social, advocating holistic living.

Before Elix, Lulu led transformative initiatives at Hudson’s Bay Company and Saks Fifth Avenue, managing a $350m+ portfolio. Her career spans work in China and work consulting for Fortune 100 firms, enhancing strategies, customer experiences, and driving organizational transformation. 

Lulu holds an MBA from Wharton, a Master’s in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia, and a BA in Political Science & Art History from UC San Diego, and holds MBTI and Prosci ADKAR® certifications. Living in New York, Lulu enjoys plant-based cooking, yoga, exploring wine regions, and studying herbs. Connect with her on TikTok (@lulutheherbalist) and Instagram (@luluge).