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Lida  Ahmady

Lida Ahmady, LAc

Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Herbalist

Lida Ahmady is a NY State Licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified Chinese Herbalist. She is the founder of De’ Qi Health Acupuncture, a clinic specializing in Women’s Health in Soho New York.

For 18 years, she has been helping women to achieve optimal health and wellness with acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal treatments. Lida’s success lies in her capacity to empower women to take charge of their health by educating them to understand the underlying root of their health problems. Her approach always includes nutrition, lifestyle, and mental and emotional wellness as essential aspects of the treatment plan.

Lida completed her Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental medicine in New York. Her clinical training included working at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, treating women suffering from MS and other gynecological disorders. Lida has apprenticed with several renowned TCM doctors including Dr. Ming Chen who has over 30 years of experience in Dermatology and liver disease.