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Judy  Joo

Judy Joo

Chef, Restaurateur, Author and TV Personality

Judy Joo is a Korean-American executive chef, restaurateur, and TV Chef. She appears on the Cooking Channel and Food Network worldwide. Following a career on Wall Street, she attended the French Culinary Institute in New York, then launched her cooking career in with Gordon Ramsay in London. In 2011, Judy became the first Executive Chef for The Playboy Club London, and became a regular face on TV, starring in Iron Chef UK and securing the title ‘IronChef UK’, becoming the only female Iron Chef in the UK and the second female Iron Chef worldwide. Tangent to that success, Judy became a resident judge on Iron Chef America which led to her own shows: Judy Joo’s Return to Korea and two seasons of Korean Food Made Simple. She also published her debut cookbook, Korean Food Made Simple. London was the obvious choice for Judy’s first restaurant as Chef Patron and in 2014 she opened her modern Korean restaurant Jinjuu — meaning ‘pearl.’ In 2019, Judy left to start a new chapter which includes launching her new cookbook, Korean Soul Food, and Seoul Bird, a new venture in Westfield that will specialize in Judy’s Korean fried chicken.