Jim  Palmer Jim Palmer, PT, CMP, COMT

Founder, Palmer Concierge Physical Therapy

In 2004, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my Masters in Physical Therapy and in 2013 received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana.  I have earned specialized certifications in The Mulligan Concept, trigger point dry needling, and Orthopedic Manual Therapy.  I became frustrated while working in “therapy mills” and being frustrated that company quotas and in-network insurance dictated how my time was spent with patients and ultimately their results.  I knew my patients deserved much better than the traditional healthcare model would allow. My “professional pain” made me realize the opportunity to open my own practice in 2019 in New York City.  My practice focuses on developing personal relationships with clients in order to better understand their needs, problems, and goals.  We work one on one in the comfort of my client’s home or office for a comfortable, personalized session.  I develop customized rehab and fitness programs and perform manual therapy “hands-on” techniques in order to progress my clients toward their personal goals in a faster and more complete manner.  

Dr. Jim Palmer, PT, CMP, COMT