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Endo Fertility Center

Advanced Fertility Surgery

Dr. Karli Provost Goldstein, D.O., F.A.C.O.G., is a minimally invasive trained advanced endometriosis surgeon who practices with the world renowned Dr. Tamer Seckin. She trained with him in residency and then joined the practice where she completed a three year honorary endometriosis fellowship paving the way for the new Endofound fellowship program. She has completed over 1000 cases with Dr. Seckin since she joined. 

Dr. Provost Goldstein is an endometriosis patient herself who went through multiple prior surgeries as well as years of infertility treatments. She navigated the world of endo surgery, recovery, infertility, gestational carriers, even failed adoption while being an OB-GYN resident before finally having success. She is a unique blend of clinician with personal deep experience and heartache on the matters she treats. Her compassionate bedside manner and calming nature is a testament to her own experiences and a reflection of how she would have wanted to be treated. She knows the in and outs of the fertility world including the top trends and ways to treat endometriosis and problematic fertility cases.

It is her become her passion to make patients feel as good as she does whether it be with hormone balance, lifestyle balance or fertility transparency and help along the journey.

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