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Elif Seckin Elif Seckin

Elif Seckin holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Bogazici University and is a graduate of Columbia University’s Business School. Before obtaining her MBA, she worked as an industrial metal ore trader at Hemaeks International in Istanbul. She later founded Laserex International, an export company that traded electronic chips and components globally to companies such as Motorola, Intel, Nokia, Zenith, and Aselsan. She has worked as Director of Finance and Operations at Park East Gynecology & Surgery since 2000. She is in charge of contracts and negotiations with insurance companies and hospitals; business development, strategic marketing, and project management. In addition to her duties at Park East Gynecology, Elif is the treasurer of Endometriosis Foundation of America. She has been assisting with every aspect of the Foundation’s operations including finances and human resources since its inception.