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Eleanor  Thom

Eleanor Thom

Eleanor Thom was born in Sheffield, England. She graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Film and Theatre and went on to create the award-winning, all-female comedy group LADY GARDEN. They were Edinburgh Festival favorites and toured the UK circuit extensively, appearing on TV and Radio. In 2013 she wrote and performed the critically acclaimed character stand-up show I AM BEV. As an actor, she has appeared in ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS (BBC), LIVE AT THE ELECTRIC (BBC), and DRIFTERS (Channel 4/). Eleanor also writes for other well-known comedians’ on their live and TV work.

PRIVATE PARTS is her first book- a funny, feminist memoir about what it’s like to live with endometriosis, written by a woman who had tried everything and lived to tell (and laugh at) the tale. PRIVATE PARTS is not like the other books- it’s full of laughs, love, and empowering advice- the things endowarriors need!