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Dearne Richards

Dearne Richards

Endo Patient

Dearne lives in Sydney, Australia and is a qualified Naturopath and skilled WHS & Wellbeing professional who has worked in a variety of roles within the Education sector for the past 10 years.

She currently holds the role of WHS & Wellbeing Officer at Western Sydney University and is experienced in working with teams who have a focus on improving organisational Wellness culture.

Dearne was diagnosed at 29 with Endometriosis and adenomyosis after 14 years of painful symptoms and had her first surgery at 30 years of age. Dearne has stage IV Endometriosis with her most recent surgery requiring a bowel resection and temporary ileostomy. She has recently become pregnant through the assistance of IVF and is expecting her first child in May.

Dearne is passionate about patient advocacy and empowering women to continue to search for answers when something doesn’t feel right.