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Corinne Idzal Corinne Idzal, DPT NLP RYT

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Corinne Idzal DPT, NLP, RYT, does more than treat your basic torn ACL.

Specialized training in Pelvic Floor Rehab, Neurolinguistic Programming, and 15 years experience teaching multiple forms of yoga, have culminated in Corinne’s wholistic therapeutic approach to health and healing: east meets west, body, and mind, movement and breath.

Originally from Texas, Corinne relocated to New York in 1999 to perform comedy improvisation. But four years later, after discovering hot yoga, she found her true passion in life.

After just one year practicing yoga with meditation, her long - time struggle with OCD and bulimia ended. This profound experience of healing through mindful movement awoke in her an insatiable desire to understand the body, the brain, and how the two are interconnected. Now, more than a decade later, her lectures, workshops, and private, one-on-one sessions revolve around a single message: self-empowerment. She believes we all have the capacity to change and heal once we realign body and mind.

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