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Ashley Albrecht

Ashley Albrecht

Endometriosis Advocate

Ashley is a 33-year-old Production Accountant in the television entertainment industry, residing in New York City.  She recently married the love of her life, Campbell Decker, who has been her biggest supporter throughout her endo journey.  Ashley's EndoStory dates back to 2000, when she got her first period at 10 years old.  By age 16, her dysmenorrhea, PMDD, and IBS became unbearable.  As Ashley's maternal aunt also suffered from endometriosis & infertility, Ashley had the privilege to be seen by a top NYC endo specialist in 2007. Ashley's first laparoscopic excision surgery was in 2013, when she was officially diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, and she had two subsequent excisions in 2018 and 2022, during which she was additionally diagnosed with adenomyosis.  Ashley and her husband recently froze embryos and are planning for their first FET soon.  (Happy to talk about protocols!)  

Ashley is currently working through the transition from an endometriosis diagnosis to coping with the grief and shame that has accompanied her infertility diagnosis.  By sharing her story, she hopes to empower other endo warriors and break the barrier of silence and stigma that has long been associated with infertility in past generations.  Our greatest teachers are one another.

Ashley believes in an integrative approach to treating endometriosis and adenomyosis.  Her biggest asset is her ability to advocate for herself to healthcare professionals, and she hopes to inspire other endo warriors to do the same.