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Ana Herrera

Ana Herrera

Ana Gonzalez Herrera has had a global career in the US, London, Germany and markets worldwide for a variety of brands within the health, beauty, and luxury hospitality sectors.

She is the founder of AG CASA, a boutique strategy, marketing & partnerships agency based in NYC. Ana has a strong passion for clean & sustainable brands and is the author of the Ebook Plastics: Dangers and Solutions.

Ana suffered from stage IV Endometriosis for years and went through five surgeries. She decided this obstacle in her life would become her mission to help others and increase awareness on hormonal imbalances. She started collaborating with Endofound in 2019 and founded Hormone University in 2020.

Hormone University’s mission is to empower and connect knowledge to improve hormone health, advocate for research and fight for social justice and impact. Ana is self-funding this project and has a small team to produce Instagram content, interviews and create partnerships.

Ana has a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours from Les Roches Hotel Management School and gained extensive knowledge in executive management from both London School of Economics and Cornell University.