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February 2018

"Abyss: 221-00"(2017) by Nina Q. Allen

Digital Collage, 12' X 12'


ABYSS221 is a crystal series inspired my recent battle with endometriosis. ABYSS equals a deep void, while 221 signifies a bright future. Connections between gender, health, and spirituality are displayed. Art is a therapeutic space to dive into higher consciousness. The journey hasn't been easy, but I am stronger because of it. I'm on a path of holistic healing, education, and inner peace. To young girls and women who are on the verge of giving up, life is a gem. Time will present truth and positivity. Dedicated to my amazing team of female-driven doctors.

Nina Q. Allen
Proud Endometriosis Warrior
Founder and Curator QOTNC (Art Direction, Design, and Technology)
PG County, MD
Tumblr: http://qotnc.tumblr.com/
Portfolio: http://cargocollective.com/NINAQALLEN

Each month we feature a work of endo-related art from our community. Have art you would like to submit for The Blossom? Email generaladmin@endofound.org
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Hearing the Endo Warrior’s Cry: <br />Empowering the Voice of Your Pain
Hearing the Endo Warrior’s Cry:
Empowering the Voice of Your Pain
"Even in the midst of a “bad day” as I called these moments, I was ready to push through. A part of me, the part that is socialized by our “suck it up” and “don’t be a baby” society, said I was just being weak...stop being so dramatic. No one believes you, anyway…"
A Q&A With Noemie Elhadad About Her  <br> New Endometriosis Symptom-Tracking App, Phendo
A Q&A With Noemie Elhadad About Her New Endo-Symptom-Tracking App Phendo
Dr. Noémie Elhadad explains how her app, Phendo, tracks endometriosis symptoms in real-time
Catharsis Through Creativity: <br />The Story of the Album That Saved My Life
Catharsis Through Creativity:
The Story of the Album That Saved My Life
The catharsis from shaping and capturing these new stories helped me move forward.
Holiday Cheer!
EndoFound's 2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar is Near!
Running for EndoFound: <br />How One Girl Got Revenge on the Disease
Running for EndoFound:
How One Girl Got Revenge on the Disease
I started thinking to myself: Running is easy. Running is easier than being frustrated with doctors.

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