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Endometriosis Foundation of America seventh Annual Ball- 2015

The Endometriosis Foundation of America strives to increase disease recognition, provide advocacy, facilitate expert surgical training, and fund landmark endometriosis research. Engaged in a robust campaign to inform both the medical community and the public, the EFA places particular emphasis on the critical importance of early diagnosis and effective intervention while simultaneously providing education to the next generation of medical professionals and their patients.

It's time to show your #UNSelfie for the EFA and #GivingTuesday!

Publish Date: Nov 12, 2014

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) will be participating in the third annual #GivingTuesday, a movement created to celebrate giving on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. This movement inspires personal philanthropy and encourages bigger, better and smarter charitable giving during the holiday season  showing that the world truly gives as good as it gets.

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LIVE EVENT: Surgical Management of Endometriosis Involving Urinary System with an Anterior Cul-de-sac Endometrioma

Publish Date: Aug 25, 2014

On Friday, August 29, 2014 at 9am PDT / 12 noon EDT, Dr. Tamer Seckin will present a live webcast on Surgical management of endometriosis involving urinary system with an anterior cul-de-sac endometrioma live on SurgeryU HD.

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Train Concert Raises $1.5 Million for Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Publish Date: Jul 18, 2014

Speaking on behalf of the band Train, lead singer Pat Monahan shared the band members' feelings about performing at the Feinstein Institute summer concert. "We recognize how profoundly lucky we are to have our health and the health of our families. When we were asked to play, we immediately said 'yes' because we understand the importance of the Feinstein Institute research as it relates to curing diseases. We are incredibly proud to have been a part of this wonderful event…

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EFA Awarded New $250K Grant

Publish Date: Jun 11, 2014

New York State Supports the EFA’s
Adolescent Education and Outreach Program
For A Second Year with a New $250,000 Grant

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EndoWalk GUIDE Now Available

Publish Date: Apr 23, 2014

EndoWalk GUIDE  Now Available
Raise Awareness and Funds to Conquer Endometriosis
Are you interested in organizing an EndoWalk in your community?  The EFA has developed a simple "how to" step-by-step guide to help you.

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Sixth Annual Blossom Ball 2014 - Videos are available

Publish Date: Mar 28, 2014

Endometriosis Foundation Of America - Sixth Annual Blossom Ball - 2014
Sixth Annual Blossom Ball
March 7, 2014
583 Park, Park Avenue at 63rd Street, New York City

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The ROSE Project (Research Outsmarts Endometrioisis)

Publish Date: Mar 26, 2014

YOU CAN HELP US LEARN MORE ABOUT ENDOMETRIOSIS The ROSE Project is the EFA's co-founder, Dr. Tamer Seckin's visionary dream! Dr. Seckin, has dedicated his career to the compassionate treatment of patients with endometriosis. However, he long ago realized that skillful surgical treatment is only one means to ending the suffering of millions of women.

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Outsmarting Endo - Videos are available!

Publish Date: Mar 20, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Scandinavia House in NYC
Padma Lakshmi - Outsmarting Endo
Let's work together and break this disease!

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Medical Conference 2014 - Videos are available

Publish Date: Mar 19, 2014

The Fifth Annual Medical Congress on the Advancing the Science and Surgery of Endometriosis
Endometriosis 2014 "Politics, Ethics and Controversies.”
Program Chair Tamer Seckin,MD

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Celebrate a Landmark Day in Endometriosis Awareness

Publish Date: Mar 12, 2014

The Endometriosis Foundation of America congratulates the organizers, contributors, and participants of the first worldwide ENDOmetriosis Worldwide MARCH!
We support you on this landmark day, and applaud the strides you are making for the international endometriosis community to shed light on this disease.


Tamer Seckin, MD & Padma Lakshmi, Co-Founders
Mady Schuman, Executive Director

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Professor Maurice - Antoine Bruhat (1934 - 2014)

Publish Date: Mar 3, 2014

The death of Professor Maurice A. Bruhat this week is a great loss for the gynecologic laparoscopic community! To all of us!  And, especially for those women with endometriosis.

Advanced laparoscopic surgery was practiced in France for at least 10 years before its use in the United States by Professor Bruhat’s team at the University of Clermont-Ferrand. The first excision of an ectopic pregnancy was done there in 1973.

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Publish Date: Feb 6, 2014

Endometriosis Foundation of America Co-Founder Lakshmi and Senate Co-Leader Klein Encourage NY Taxpayers to "Check the Box" and Donate to Teen Health Education Campaign
As taxpayers in NY file their taxes this winter, the Endometriosis Foundation of America encourages people to consider a charitable donation to support supplemental teen heath education.

Obesity, substance abuse and endometriosis  have been identified  by the NYS Department of  Health as the 3 most critical health problems facing teens. cheap jerseys uggs…

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EHE International Donates Rockefeller Center Window Display to the Endometriosis Foundation of America’s “Killer Cramps Are NOT Normal” Campaign

Publish Date: Jan 6, 2014

EHE International supports the Endometriosis Foundation of America's dedication to raising awareness about endometriosis - a disease affecting 176 million women worldwide.

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Nurses Conference 2013 Videos are available!

Publish Date: Nov 24, 2013

Third Annual Nurses Conference - Endometriosis: Getting The Word Out: Hosted in collaboration with North Shore/LIJ and Lenox Hill Hospital, the disease basics of endometriosis and the various ways to educate your patient population on endometriosis.

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Nurses Conference 2013 – Endometriosis: Getting The Word Out

Publish Date: Oct 1, 2013

Save The Date -- Saturday, October 26, 2013 -- for our Third Annual Nurses Conference - Endometriosis: Getting The Word Out. This free educational forum is designed for nurses and nurse practitioners with a special focus on school-based nurses.  By educating health practitioners about endometriosis, the Endometriosis Foundation of America is working, actively, to increase the number of young women who will receive an early diagnosis. Endometriosis: Getting The Word Out is CNE eligible.

Register Today!

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Padma Lakshmi and State Senator Jeff Klein Team Up For Teen Health

Publish Date: Sep 30, 2013

Padma Lakshmi and State Senator Jeff Klein have teamed up once again to talk about our teen’s health.  The Teen Health Awareness Campaign aims to raise awareness of alcohol and substance abuse, obesity, and endometriosis among New York’s teens.  With your help we can add endometriosis to health class curriculums statewide.  Please visit TeenHealthNY.com today to take the easy and anonymous survey!

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Educational Campaign to Support NYS’s Three-Pronged Health Initiative Against Endometriosis, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and Obesity

Publish Date: Sep 29, 2013

Through the Teen Health Awareness Campaign, the New York State Department of Health has recognized the importance of combating three diseases that cause significant harm to young people – endometriosis, alcohol and substance abuse, and obesity – and has asked the EFA to take action.  Finally, endometriosis is being recognized as the devastating disease it can be, as it is now joined with the two most highly visible and critical health issues facing our youth!  In light of this, the…

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Padma Lakshmi Named One Of SELF Magazine’s “Women Doing Good”

Publish Date: Sep 16, 2013

Endometriosis Foundation of America Founder, Padma Lakshmi, was recently named one of SELF Magazine’s “Women Doing Good”.  Now in its sixth year, SELF’s annual “Women Doing Good” program honors women who are changing the world.  Deemed “The Healer”, Padma was recognized for her work raising awareness of endometriosis through the EFA.

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Kick The Cramp Out Of Endo!

Publish Date: Aug 6, 2013

The EFA wants to Kick The Cramp Out Of Endo and we need your help! Team EFA is proud to participate in the 2013 ING New York City Marathon on November 3rd. To learn more about our runners and donate to the Team, check out our fundraising pagehere.

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Padma Lakshmi Visits The New York State Senate

Publish Date: Jul 16, 2013

EFA co-founder Padma Lakshmi visited the New York State Senate this month and participated in the Teen Health Awareness press conference hosted by State Senator Jeff Klein.

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Dr. Peter Gregersen Receives the Prestigious Crafoord Award

Publish Date: Jul 15, 2013

The Endometriosis Foundation of America congratulates  Peter Gregersen, MD, head of the Robert S. Boas Center for Genomics and Human Genetics at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at North Shore LIJ on receiving the prestigious Crafoord Prize for his genetic research in the area of rheumatoid arthritis. The prize was awarded on May 2, 2013 at a Prize Award Ceremony at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in the presence of H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf.

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EFA Charity Ring - Aamaya by Priyanka

Publish Date: May 3, 2013

In honor of March Endometriosis Awareness Month, Internationally renowned jewelry label AAMAYA BY PRIYANKA has designed an exclusive, bespoke ring in partnership with the EFA and co-founder Padma Lakshmi.

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Lori Liu, MD an avid long distance runner is teaming up with the EFA to help us Kick the Cramp out of Endometriosis!

Publish Date: Apr 9, 2013

Lori Liu, MD an avid long distance runner is teaming up with the EFA to help us Kick the Cramp out of Endometriosis.  Lori will be running the Boston Marathon on April 15th with the EFA logo to help raise awareness of endometriosis.  

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Endometriosis Foundation of America’s 4th Annual Medical Symposium, Endometriosis 2013; The American Perspective -- Live Webcast March 9 and March 11, 9 am EST. Join Us!

Publish Date: Mar 7, 2013

Streamed live from Lenox Hill Hospital's Einhorn Auditorium in New York City. World renowned experts, master surgeons and scientists, and top researchers from around the world speaking about the latest in Endometriosis care. http://www.endofound.org/live

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Journalist Lizzie O’Leary Shares Her Endometriosis Story On Cosmopolitan.com

Publish Date: Feb 5, 2013

Journalist Lizzie O'Leary has been battling endometriosis symptoms since age 14, and only recently received an accurate diagnosis at 37.  The severity of her symptoms have ultimately caused her to step down from a prestigious position at CNN.  Lizzie's story of delayed diagnosis is one that is far too familiar. 

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The Endometriosis Foundation of America presents at the NYC Office of School Health High School Program Professional Development Day

Publish Date: Jan 28, 2013

The Endometriosis Foundation of America presented at the NYC Office of School Health High School Program Professional Development Day for New York City high school nurses.  EFA co-founder Padma Lakshmi delivered welcome remarks and introduced Tracy Shaltis, RN who presented a background on endometriosis and a section that featured The EFA’s recently launched Assessment Guide/Tool Kit. Dr. Tamer Seckin, co-founder, finished the session with a brief Q&A.

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Endometriosis: Ancient Disease, Ancient Treatments

Publish Date: Jan 21, 2013

Was Freud a Fraud? Certainly not! However, his untangling of the psychosomatic problems of women with pain was well off the mark.
Sigmund Freud frequently diagnosed patients with hysteria when no other diagnosis could be reached. Whether this was due to Freud’s ignorance or the standard beliefs of the time, the reality is that many women did not take kindly to that diagnosis.

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Join Team EFA for the NYC Half Marathon by registering/donating today!

Publish Date: Jan 15, 2013

Please download the Runner Application

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2012 Nurse Conference / Lunch & Learn with Padma Lakshmi's videos are available now!

Publish Date: Oct 16, 2012

The EFA strongly believes that nurses and nurse practitioners, especially those in schools, universities and clinics, are in a unique position to serve as our first line of defense, as they are among those closest to the population of young girls and women at the onset and early stages of menstruation.  We are truly grateful to all who joined us and participated in making this event a tremendous success!

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'Consider Endometriosis' Tool Kit Launched at 2012 Nurse Conference / Lunch & Learn with Padma Lakshmi

Publish Date: Oct 6, 2012

On September 29, the EFA hosted our Second Annual Lunch & Learn with Padma Lakshmi, “Consider Endometriosis:  Tools for Nurses to Recognize Symptoms, Behavioral Patterns and Emotional Repercussions of the Disease in Young Women and Girls”.

This educational event, produced in collaboration with North Shore – LIJ / Lenox Hill Hospital, was designed to raise endometriosis awareness and offer resources to support the early detection of endometriosis. The “Consider Endometriosis” Tool Kit is available now please click here.

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Endometriosis Gets Top Mention at 2012 Democratic National Convention

Publish Date: Sep 6, 2012

It’s great to see Elizabeth Ann “Libby” Bruce from Columbus, Ohio, a woman with endometriosis sharing her story on a national stage.  Here experience of early diagnosis and effective surgical treatment helped her to have her daughter.

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Come Laugh With Us To Benefit The Endometriosis Foundation of America!

Publish Date: Aug 9, 2012

Join us Wednesday, August 29th at the Gotham Comedy Club for a special night of laughs to benefit the EFA!  Doors open at 7:30, and the show begins at 8:00.
Tickets can be purchased at the following link:

Or call 212.367.9000 to book your seats for “Alyse Kenny Presents…It’s A Charity Thing!”.  Tickets are only $20, but must be purchased or reserved ahead of time in order to attend.  Don’t wait too long to reserve your seat!
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Padma Lakshmi Gives Kiehl's "Mr. Bones" a Makeover to Benefit the EFA

Publish Date: Jul 25, 2012

EFA Co-founder Padma Lakshmi speaks out about her own endometriosis diagnosis and a partnership with Kiehl's to raise endometriosis awareness.
Padma’s re-imagination of the famous Kiehl's mascot, Mr. Bones, will go up for auction in November.  All proceeds will be donated to the EFA in support of our mission to increase disease recognition, provide advocacy, facilitate expert training, and fund landmark research.

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Dr. Oz Shows His Support of the EFA

Publish Date: Jul 3, 2012

It was fantastic to see the EFA backdrop behind Dr.Oz's image on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight"!
Dr. Oz is a staunch supporter of the EFA's mission to raise endometriosis awareness, and has incorporated information about the disease into several episodes of his television show.

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Interview: Dr. Tamer Seckin on Endometriosis – “Killer Cramps Are NOT Normal”

Publish Date: Jun 4, 2012

In your local Lucille Roberts gym, you may have noticed a new poster that says, “Killer Cramps Are Not Normal.” This poster was created by the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) to raise awareness of a problem that many women suffer from and that many of us know little about.

Tamer Seckin, M.D., is a leader in the area of medicine seeking to improve the lives of women with endometriosis. His practice is based in New York, and he…

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Ellis Island Medal of Honor Dr Tamer Seckin

Publish Date: Jun 1, 2012

Congratulations to Endometriosis Foundation of America co-founder, Dr Tamer Seckin, on receiving the 2012 Ellis Island Medal of Honor. This medal pays homage to the immigrant experience and highlights the contribution made to America by those who have immigrated. The award celebrates diversity of life in America and is a very important and prestigious recognition.

What is Ellis Island Medal of Honor?

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NYT Magazine : Super Doctor - Dr.Seckin

Publish Date: May 31, 2012

Endometriosis Foundation of America’s co-founder, Dr Tamer Seckin, has been selected as one of America’s Super Doctors. Super Doctors is a New York Times Magazine version of independent doctors who they recognize as doing extraordinary work in their medical field.
The Super Doctors list identifies the top doctors as voted for by thousands of physicians all over the country, and is reinforced by the independent research of Key Professional Media. It is a tremendous honor to be selected for this…

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From Newsweek: A Hidden Pain

Publish Date: May 27, 2012

Why a famous beauty like 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi is talking about a very unglamorous disease like endometriosis.
For Padma Lakshmi, a former model and host of Bravo's "Top Chef," the problem began when she was a teenager.

"I'd always had very bad menstrual cramps, and they got progressively worse over the years," Lakshmi says. She tried every new pain medication that hit the market, but nothing helped much. Eventually she found herself relying on the powerful painkiller…

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New York Times Magazine!

Publish Date: May 21, 2012

Congratulations to our co-founder Dr. Tamer Seckin for this great write up as a super doctor in the New York Times Magazine!

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Medical Conference 2012 Videos

Publish Date: Mar 30, 2012

Third Annual Endometriosis Foundation of America Scientific/Surgical Symposium - Endometriosis 2012: Tapping the Roots for the Next Generation - Einhorn Auditorium at Lenox Hill Hospital - New York City - Program Chair: Tamer Seckin, MD | President, EFA, Scientific Program Chair: Harry Reich, MD, CY Liu, MD 

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Blossom Ball 2012 Photos

Publish Date: Mar 21, 2012

Blossom Ball 2012 Thursday, March 15 2012. The New York Public Library Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

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Third Annual Endometriosis Foundation of America Scientific/Surgical Symposium Photos

Publish Date: Mar 20, 2012

Third Annual Endometriosis Foundation of America Scientific/Surgical Symposium "Tapping The Roots For The Next Generation" photos are ready.

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Padma Lakshmi Invites You To Charity Blossom Ball

Publish Date: Feb 29, 2012

“It is with great pleasure that the Endometriosis Foundation of America invites you to our Fourth Annual Blossom Ball,” she says. "This gala event is hosted in support of our efforts to increase disease recognition, provide advocacy, facilitate expert surgical training, and fund landmark endometriosis research.

“Please join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our honorees, Dr. Charles Koh and Dr. Hugh Taylor, help raise endometriosis awareness, and fund our mission.”

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AAGL Meeting 2011 - Padma Lakshmi

Publish Date: Dec 17, 2011

EFA Co-Founders Tamer Seckin, MD and Padma Lakshmi were prominent guests of the 2011 AAGL 40th Annual Congress on Minimally Invasive
Gynecology in Hollywood, FL this past November. As the Jordan M. Phillips Keynote Speaker, Lakshmi addressed over 5,500 delegates on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. Bravely sharing her painful experience with advanced stage disease, Lakshmi encouraged attendees to recognize endometriosis for the growing women's health crisis it is.

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Holiday Celebration 2011 - Vidoes are available now....

Publish Date: Dec 15, 2011

The EFA and Brooklyn Youth Chorus would like to thank all those who came out in support of our organizations on Thursday evening, December 15, 2011 for an incredible concert with famed soprano Harolyn Blackwell and the BYC.  We appreciate your support!  "Songs for the Holidays" was a highly anticipated concert event featuring world premiere works by Ricky Ian Gordon and new holiday arrangements by Joel Martin.  Hosted at the World Financial Center's incredible Winter Garden, over 200 guests gathered…

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EFA Founders Present at 40th Annual AAGL Congress-Videos are now available

Publish Date: Nov 24, 2011

EFA Co-Founders Tamer Seckin, MD and Padma Lakshmi were prominent guests of the AAGL 40th annual Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology in Hollywood, FL from November 6-10, 2011. Ms. Lakshmi addressed over 5,500 delegates in the Jordan M. Phillips Keynote Session on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 8:00am, w hile Dr. Seckin presented "Stem Cell Theory & Stemness of Endometriosis: Rationale for Excision" on Monday, November 7, 2011 at 12:15pm in the "Meet the Professors" Roundtable. On Tuesday, November 8,…

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Lunch & Learn with Padma Lakshmi: What you don't know about Endometriosis...and Why You Should

Publish Date: Nov 20, 2011

EFA Co-Founder Padma Lakshmi served as Keynote and hosted noted speakers for the first-ever school and adolescent endometriosis event of its kind.  "LUNCH & LEARN WITH PADMA LAKSHMI: What you don’t know about Endometriosis…and Why You Should" was incredibly successful, thanks to all of you.  Learn more about the day's proceedings here - and we hope to see you all next time!

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2nd Annual Women in Government's Healthcare Summit Features Endometriosis Foundation of America's Director of Education, Heather Guidone

Publish Date: Nov 19, 2011

"Endometriosis: Impact on Women's Health" Featured as Keynote Session with Heather Guidone, the Director of Education for the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) and Lone Hummelshoj, Chief Executive, World Endometriosis Research Foundation on Panel.  Ms. Guidone and Ms. Hummelshoj were among invited speakers this week at the Women In Government's Second Annual Healthcare Summit in Washington, DC.

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More Than a Pretty Face

Publish Date: Nov 11, 2011

She speaks multiple languages, wrote two cookbooks, is an actress, a model, an Emmy-Award winning reality show host of one of my favorite shows, Top Chef, and she's a mom. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she's stunningly beautiful?

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Lunch & Learn with Padma Lakshmi!

Publish Date: Aug 11, 2011

THANK YOU TO ALL the school nurses and nurse professionals who joined us on 10/29/11 for LUNCH & LEARN WITH PADMA LAKSHMI: What you don’t know about Endometriosis…and why you should, a free, CNE-eligible activity featuring leading experts on the disease. For a summary of the day's proceedings, please visit http://www.endofound.org/education-conference.

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Move for a Change

Publish Date: Aug 10, 2011

Danskin Debuts Multi-Celebrity "Move for Change" Initiative

"Danskin is a brand that we've all grown up with. It's the epitome of a strong and graceful femininity. I'm honored that they chose to support the EFA."-Padma Lakshmi

Danskin has formed the Danskin "Move for Change" initiative, a goodwill movement dedicated to the health and wellness of women and children. The movement was created to continually support organizations and programs that research, foster and fund women and children's health initiatives.…

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Dr. Oz Show Helps EFA Raise Awareness

Publish Date: Jul 19, 2011

The famed Dr. Oz Show, hosted by TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, now features EFA's "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Alternative Therapies Overview" on the DrOz.com website!  A special guest at our 2011 Blossom Ball, Dr. Oz has spoken out about endometriosis on his show previously and took to the red carpet during this year's Ball to drive home EFA's message of early detection and encourage patients - especially teenage girls and young women - to speak openly about their symptoms…

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Padma Lakshmi Honored with 2011 “Healthy Give & Take” Award

Publish Date: Apr 29, 2011

EFA Co-Founder Padma Lakshmi received the 2011 “Healthy Give & Take” Award at the annual North Shore LIJ/Lenox Hill Hospital “Healthy Give & Take” Luncheon held April 26, 2011 at the Metropolitan Club in New York City.  Ms. Lakshmi was recognized for her pivotal role in the Foundation’s endeavors and her tireless passion in raising critical awareness about endometriosis and women’s health issues.  She accepted the award on behalf of her mother, a Nurse, and her Co-Founder, Dr. Tamer Seckin.

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Foundation Partners with Michigan State University & Inforum Women’s Alliance for Major Focus on Endometriosis

Publish Date: Apr 3, 2011

EFA Co-Founders Tamer Seckin, MD and Padma Lakshmi were pleased to join famed scientist Dr. Asgi Fazleabas and noted members of the Grand Rapids scientific community for a series of exciting events focused on endometriosis on April 13 and 14, 2011.  Presented by Michigan State University’s (MSU) Department of OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology and Inforum Professional Women’s Alliance, these critical education and awareness efforts kicked off April 13 with a premier dinner featuring a presentation by Ms. Lakshmi entitled “Live…

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3rd Annual Blossom Ball

Publish Date: Mar 22, 2011

Founder Tamer Seckin, M.D. and Co-founder Padma Lakshmi hosted the 3rd Annual Blossom Ball to benefit the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building within the New York Public Library.  The event was co-chaired by Susan Sarandon, Eileen Guggenheim and Cindi Leive, with entertainment and music by Grammy-nominated songstress Bebel Gilberto.

Photo credit: Larry Busecca/Wire Image

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Padma Lakshmi tells her story.

Publish Date: Dec 28, 2010

"I had extreme pain in my pelvic area, in my back, in my head, but most of all in my heart.  My mother, who was a nurse and a very educated women, told me that she suffered from many of the same symptoms and that some girls got it, and some girls didn’t." Click here

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The Endometriosis Foundation of America Holiday Celebration

Publish Date: Dec 22, 2010

The Endometriosis Foundation of America is a nonprofit organization focused on fighting against the devastating effects of a disease that affects millions of women and adolescent girls. Through increased awareness, education, research and legislative advocacy, the EFA is committed to improving affected individuals' lives by early detection and treatment.

One of the research goals of the foundation is to create a tissue bank to address the many unanswered questions about why endometriosis occurs. Similarly, Lenox Hill Hospital Department…

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RESEARCH INVITATION: RFP Submission Process for Research Funding Applications

Publish Date: Jul 16, 2009

As a core part of our mission, the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) accepts research proposals for the EFA PhD Fellowship Grant Program.  The program is intended to facilitate the majority of EFA;s growing research initiatives.  Under the direction of EFA Co-Founder, President, and Medical Director, Tamer Seckin, MD, the EFA PhD Fellowship Grant Program is intended to benefit thoseengaging in new and innovative research across a wide range of perspectives as they relate to endometriosis.

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